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CT vs. MRI Unlike MRI, CT uses ionizing radiation to cast the person. MRI uses strong magnets and radio frequency. The MRI one observe conspecific to a CT one. For both, the patient is spot on a table that slides through the middle of the shape to prevail images of limited anatomy. TheContinue Reading

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Spaying and neutering provide health benefits in addition to preventing litters. Spaying helps prevent uterine infection and breast cancer, which is fatal in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Neutering can prevent testicular cancer if done before 6 months of age. Neutering also reduces roaming, andContinue Reading

Russian Tortoise Diet. Avoid rhubarb and beet greens….limit spinach, Phytic Acid: This is found in high concentration is peas, beans and cereals. This chemical also binds minerals as well as proteins. Tannins:. Russian tortoise are no exception to the rule. Being an arid species , much of the water canContinue Reading

There’s the oft-quoted idea that about one dog year is equivalent to seven human years, but is the formula really that simple? The conversion formula for both dog and cat years to human years is actually much more complex. Because both of these animals mature at a faster rate thanContinue Reading

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Pixabay Cats are awesome.Either you agree with that statement or you’re wrong.But, as much as we love them, cats can be strange, difficult and downright mystifying at times. People who inexplicably hate cats love to talk about how unfriendly they are, often comparing them to the slightly annoying enthusiasm ofContinue Reading

Reconsider the Boarding Facility If you don’t like the idea of leaving your cat completely alone while you’re away for an extended time, you’ve no doubt considered taking them to a boarding facility that specializes in cat care. After all, that way you’ll have someone to watch over and feedContinue Reading

Search Add New Question My cat has a weird love of drinking straws. He likes the air blown out of them. He loves the vents, the fan. Anything. Is there a toy that we could make or buy to satisfy this? wikiHow Contributor Try using candy dispensers that have aContinue Reading