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And I said let’s talk to our parents and friends so you’re not you know from New Yorkers talk hey today on the edgy veg we are not talking about food well huh can you stop acting like. I didn’t tell you at this video is about that no we have two new members of our family we’re going to share them with you about four weeks ago. Myka please go so you guys have been following us on interest or ease you know that we adopted not one but two little munchkins this is Sir Winston Churchill he the Prime Minister this is a troublemaker Harley Quinn and we love them very much today we really wanted to talk to you guys about why we decided to Madonna and why we think that if you guys are interested in getting a pet we think you should adopt so let’s start by telling you guys a little bit about our little guys so this is Winston he’s very shy and super timid and a very very picky eater he likes to play fetch by instead of like actually going get it he waits for Harley to go get the toy and then steals it from her he also likes to pee on mommy and daddy when he gets really excited don’t you you make to pee on us this Harley Quinn she’s big sister to them and you can kind of speak she’s blind in his right eye key also but you can kind of see now she likes to be held like a baby she’s just hanging out like this all day when she gets really excited her tail wags day life I think that’s true with any dog these guys oh my god they are so well tempered well mannered sort of calm they love sleep and cuddle they’re not overly anxious we got them house attained in about TVP how long ago still not well they’re not a hundred percent house chain but they’re like 97 were saved peed like two days ago in the house cuz you were both gone you run the shower right so when I read it said that we wanted a pen might be too uh yeah like I don’t have years we couldn’t agree on a breed we couldn’t agree on a method we couldn’t agree on size but for me personally I said well I don’t want to buy a brand-new dog they don’t want to buy it on from a pet store I don’t want to buy a dog for a breeder because I would feel way too guilty buying a new dog kind of like supporting puppy mills or the breeders when there’s other jobs is there that you need to be rescued and I didn’t know any better because we had had bred dogs my whole life zone I just thought that was normal I didn’t know what the issues were until you told me so if you’re looking to do the same thing we did there are lots of websites I think pet finder is one of them and I mean that collects different information from a whole bunch of agencies so you can go to one place and find all these dogs from all around here we got Harley and when standing from an agency just a set of Toronto called pest live Niagara originally we had applied for the Windsor what’s that we applied for Winston but he was actually bonded with another dog which was Harley and when they tried to separate them they freaked out so she said would you be interested in adopting two dogs and then you were all like tada well I said let’s talk to people that we know who would be able to advise them it’s a good idea not and everyone said it’s actually not that much more work to have but they’re from Kentucky and in Kentucky in a lot of places they only hold dogs and cats for two days before they put them down so these guys would put on fulfillment and pestle at Niagara I guess informed anytime that there’s a dog to let me go Dominic they posted them on their website and when as soon as we saw it we knew right away and then within I think it was two Z’s we want to meet really loved us right away and we loved that right away so we took home at night it yes just uh coming back in the car did not stick them in the back of the car with the with me yes this is an amazing experience for us waiting almost two years was still worth it because we got not just one but two lovable cuddly bundles of joy that have just changed our lives and it’s so nice to like have someone that’s genuinely so excited to you when I’m putting on Sonakshi you don’t lick me to death and waddle so fast and because you’re so excited you fall over you you really like her bad of us all I guess so all of this to say just that if you are interested in getting a dog please consider an adoption and here are the 10 reasons why we think you should read the number one buying from pet stores support puppy they don’t take care of them properly they don’t think of them as a life they just really think of them as the commodity and something to make money on and the conditions and you find dogs they’re atrocious and they’re illegal for pet stores specifically there’s just no rule like they’ll take a dog from almost anyone as long as this is cheap and you’re just encouraging those people to keep reading their dogs and they’re horrible conditions reason number two is that shelters are super overpopulated and a lot of them only keep competitor about 48 hours so if they’re not adopted or claimed within 48 hours they kill them so you’re saving a life reason number three it costs less so much less such a good deal summer for the two ago we’ve a 650 for both of them and they came neutered and vaccinated and had their percent fill that’s a lot of money because they do all that stuff for you so if you’re like a frugal or money conscious person that music better waiting room yeah reason number four on many occasions depending on how old your dog is they might already be house-trained you don’t have to worry about that yeah a lot of his time it’s not a dog problem a lot of the time it’s a human problem and that’s why the dogs end up in shelters whether it’s the divorce or they got a puppy for their kid and their kids wanted there’s a lot of different reasons like humans can’t take care of dogs and it’s not the dogs problems a lot of the time there’s house-trained so you’re actually getting the bracelet dog alone the time reason number of five is six to eight million dollars a year are waiting in shelters and adoption agencies and foster homes to be adopted that’s a lot of dog and if that number doesn’t blow your mind in the US alone they kill an average of 1.5 million pets a year shoes g’kar you write peace garden using number six you can’t buy love but sometimes you can’t talk to dogs are so grateful I’ve never met a dog but is it just like over the moon in love with their new yeah I mean guys they took us right away look they’re so cute and cuddly and loving they even sleep in the bed with us most of the time and it’s so cute because still sleep at the end of the bed during the night and then in the morning don’t crawl up no like our faces really no confidence unless reason number seven is that you’re actually saving to live because shelters are so overcrowded not only do to save the dog that you chose but you’re actually making a room for a new dog to have the opportunity to find a new use for a lot good reason embrace foster carers and agencies allow you to meet and greet your dog’s version because it’s a looser perfect match so along with being able to kind of select certain fries or sizes if you get to go and meet them and if a dog doesn’t take you then maybe it’s not the right fit reason number nine is that you get the full information on the website from the foster agency before hands you can see exactly what their temperament is any health issues they might have or anything that might not work for you if you can run around too much or they’re too barky or of their blinds like our little girl you get to know all of that right away so if you’re not interested in giving a dog eyedrops five times a day like we used to do for Harley you get to know that before you pick up the dog and number ten is of course you get a new best friend and there’s messily and it makes you very happy and it even makes your relationship you close your weekend new families so those are the 10 reasons that we think that you should adopt and not shop and this is a success story for us and we have tons of friends that are dog rescuers or foster parents or dogs that are being rescued and that’s why we support the charity runway a few friends of ours called puppy love or joy what they do is they help raise money to help shut down from the mill so they help fund to raise and they’re having a huge event in Toronto on June 1st and we are going to be there and love for you guys to be there you can buy tickets at puppy love 2017 calm come and support you know your love for animals and comes to hide us we will be there photos of these guys will be there it’ll be a huge event in Toronto the location is still TBD but it’s going to get and if you liked this video don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed to see more videos like this we want to hear about your furry little friends please leave us a comment in the comment section below let us know what your adoption story is are just like share story about your school furry friends thank you as always to our patreon supporters for supporting ads each and every month if you are interested in supporting a syllogisms district if you guys already knew that we adopted these guys that’s awesome because it means useful ascent into the story and stories is what we use instead of doing a daily vlog so you can see us from morning until night you’ll see so many videos of these guys also what we feed them as well as you’re interested to know if our dogs are vegan or not vegan they also have their own description it’s called veggie dog Vicky does and will link to in the description box below alright guys thank you so much for letting us take a break from cooking this week and just sharing our new bundles of joy with you we know that you’ll see a lot more of them in the videos and you’ll get to know them and love them as much as we do hi [Music]


10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet