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Runny Eyes In Cats. What Causes Watery Eyes in Cats? The first thing you need to do when you notice a cat watery eye is to look to see whether the eye is red or irritated. Irritated eyes are usually red and often painful to the cat. You may alsoContinue Reading

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*Limited time offer. Available at participating and eligible dealers only. Offer may vary by product type, series, model and select units in dealer inventory. Offers available on new equipment in US and Canada only. Some restrictions apply. Length of contract may vary. Prior purchases not eligible. See dealer for details.Continue Reading

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Friskies Dry Cat Food Review (From $13.50 Think Twice) Cats seem to love this stuff, but the ingredients list indicates it’s heavy on carbohydrates and protein from meal, rather than muscle meat. Friskies dry cat food is a strong favorite among shoppers seeking cheap feed for their cats. And catsContinue Reading