Understand how adopting an adult cat from a shelter is different than adopting a cat, and what to expect when you bring her home for the first time. Expand to read more. Owning a dog or cat costs more than the initial adoption fee. Food, veterinary care, spaying or neutering and proper identification—that means a collar with tags and a more permanent form of ID such as microchipping—can add up. Everything you need to know about how to adopt a cat, bringing your new cat home, cat health and care and more! ADOPTION APPLICATION: If you are interested in adopting an animal from Milo, please download and complete the appropriate Adoption Application: Visit our Adoption Center to find a dog or cat in NYC, or use our shelter finder tool to locate adoptable pets near you. Read adoption tips from the ASPCA. Below are some articles to help you when you’re getting ready to adopt or have already adopted a dog. Thank you for adopting a pet! Find a Dog to Adopt: Search here! .

Adoption Information Find Your New Best Friend Today! Dogs Cats Other Animals. We take good care of the dogs, cats, and other animals in our care; what they really need is a loving home with you and your family. Click on any image above for more info. The letter *F* after a pet’s name indicates they are in a foster home. PetHealth 101 – A pet health information site. Topics include pet health issues, pet health care, pet medication, pet behavior problems, and pet supplies. More specifically; arthritis, fleas & ticks, heartworms, skin problems, and pet diseases. Benefits of Adopting a Senior. Research suggests that companion animals, such as cats and dogs, can help improve our physical and mental health. .

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