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Big Cat Sanctuary Indiana

The Wildcat Sanctuary (TWS) is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill rescue facility located in Sandstone, MN. TWS provides a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspires change to end the captive wildlife crisis. As a true sanctuary, we do not buy, breed, sell or exhibit animals. The Sanctuary combines natural and spacious habitats with a life free of exhibition and exploitation, allowing all residents to live wild at heart. The Sanctuary is not open for public visitation. TWS advocates for No More Wild Pets in order to create a world where animal sanctuaries are no longer needed.
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Tiger Haven is a Sanctuary and Rescue facility for big cats, much like an animal shelter for dogs and house cats. Tiger Haven is a “no kill” shelter for big cats unlike most but not all domestic animal shelters. Tiger Haven has been rescuing Big Cats for 25 years, beginning in September of 1991. The cats who come here for sanctuary are given a permanent home for life. They are not sold, or given away and Tiger Haven does not breed the cats or make them work for a living. The cats here truly enjoy the good life, and they deserve it ! Tiger Haven is supported solely by private donations. We receive no state or government funds. We are currently supporting over 265 big cats including Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Cougars and Jaguar, and 11 lesser cats which includes Serval, Caracal, Bobcat, and Lynx, more search. All the cats at Tiger Haven receive a natural balanced diet, room to run and the best medical care provided by the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center. Please consider adopting one of the great cats that call Tiger Haven home to help us feed and care for the cats. Just click on the “Adopt Us” button to the left to pick the cat of your choice.
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Joe Taft, director of Exotic Feline Rescue Center, a 108-acre sanctuary near Terre Haute that rescues big cats from shuttered roadside zoos and negligent private owners, doesn’t approve. He doesn’t allow his rescued cats to breed, and after taking in abused, abandoned and mistreated cats from 24 states, he’s seen what can happen to indiscriminately-bred, unwanted cubs.
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“At the time it seemed like I learned a thing or two about tigers, although I can’t recall at the moment. It gave me a deeper appreciation for the size and strength of the cats, so big even at such a young age,” Trumbaturi said.
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If Jeremy and Simon are our active adolescents, Callie’s socially silly, and Nikita’s radiantly resilient, that must mean Mohan is magnificently majestic!! We just picked up this big beautiful boy who came with many unanswered questions.  One being his age.  We heard he was 22 years old and also 12 years old.  That’s a significant

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