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Happy New Year Friends! We’d inclination to bless Pilot Coffee Roasters for being our Partner in Residence over the by month and for carrying us through the bustle of the holidays! It has been a pleasure to work with their fifteen and a pleasure to provide and benefit their creative and purchaser-centralized menu. The menu undertake our guests the contract to found their own sip, adopt first a color then a method of fitness. Many company have expressed excitement that this menu manner hurried them to settle coffees they may not have otherwise. One of our goals for the La Marzocco Cafe is to continuously foresee unspent experiences for our inquiline and Pilot has beyond doubt support us realize that. A special bless to Nat Fried and Eric Mahovlich from Pilot and to everyone in Toronto who has product difficult to adduce Pilot to Seattle! As the New Year gotta underway, we would like to notify our next Partner in Residence: Cat and Cloud from Santa Cruz, CA! While Cat and Cloud may be the youngest Roaster we’ve had take over the La Marzocco Cafe, its owners Chris Baca, Jared Truby, and Charles Jack are anything but unspent to speciality color, and would expostulate that their current purpose has been forming over the exceeding decennary. In addition to starting their roastery and opening their first retail space in the above year, Truby and Baca also record a super honest and froli podcast that dives into speciality color techniques, relation and gives a genuine-life consider at running a coffee profession. Listen to it here and read more about their personal journeys and what allure them to launch Cat and Cloud here. Cat and Cloud has a very visible goal of making color accessible and pleasant for everyone. They circumnavigate themselves with excellent nation and aim to make every interaction at their cafe a overbearing exercise. Their menu will have several coffees including their showcase stain, the Answer­–which promises to essay amazing and accessible no affair how much seer one has with color. Another color move will be the Truth–or an opportunity to get into the courage of Cat and Cloud! This color continuously changes but is promised to always be intricate and excitant. We’ll be serving Cat and Cloud’s menu at the cafe starting Tuesday, January 10. Be permanent to join us for their Launch Party on Wednesday, January 11. The party will contain a abide recording of their podcast at the La Marzocco Cafe beginning at 6pm, attend by tacos, beer and the turn to hang with Truby and Baca. The cafe will last to serve Pilot’s menu through Monday, January 9. We highly recommend stoppage in for a essay of this Canadian company’s coffee before they take it all back North!
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Why should you concern that there’s another color studio in hamlet? Well, for one property, Cat and Cloud co-owners Jared Truby and Chris Baca are both award-winning baristas. (Yes, they won very barista competitions). The two of them, along with third co-owner Charles Jack, open Cat and Cloud a moon and a half ago. Before that, they had been cell their coffee through an internet distribution submission service (which they still propose). Oh, and they have a ordinary color-themed podcast, Cat and Cloud. Truby gave us the sweep on what constitute Cat and Cloud the flower place to get your next cupful of coffee.
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The third and final agent perk at Cat & Cloud is perhaps the most weighty. According to the boutique’s owners, and manifold baristas I spoke with in inquiry this covenant, all members of stick at Cat & Cloud are disposed ingenuous reign of any and all information related to the inner workings of the garage. Kristen Hutson, a barista at Cat & Cloud resolve: “Their communication loop is wonderful. Any point circularly anything, they’ll repay. If it’s notice about unworn coffees, or what our numbers look probably, or any lot of fiscal dispute, they encourage you to ask, and they delight to provide that information.” Hutson describes the environment as collegiate, effective me that the owners “guide nation similar students,” with Tanner Roark unite that Cat & Cloud’s help transparence pattern afford a “recognition of proprietorship” as well as consistency across the approach. “They appraise teamwork,” Roark Saw. “They’ve done such a good job of communication their import that the interior stave is on the same buttons, all of us going in the same direction.”
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The name Cat & Cloud was inspired by a simple draft that Julia Mayer, an colorist favor of theirs, did of Baca and Truby as a cat and a cloud. The artless, playful kind of the show stuck and, after Embarrass over what to call their business, the name Cat & Cloud directly fell right to all three of the patriarch.
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Paying lip service to employee understanding and transparence is something we’ve all auricular before. But behind the scenes and beyond the make-out, the owners at Cat & Cloud opened their passage with a trio of apt-to-register jaunty already in the wings, each endeavor at woo issues the three had old during their own age behind the bar. To start, Baca, Truby, and Jack learn the monetary difficulties of persist full-time barista performance in a nation as high-priced as California. To ease the birth on their stave, 10 percent of the mention bottom impregnate is divvied up amongst their full-age employees. Full-tense employees are also given four weeks compensated leisure from the dislocate, and Baca encourages them to use it. “It’s stressful to take a leisure,” he essay. “No wages, no gift, but kindred have to take a little time off for their mental health.” Tanner Roark, a former Verve agent and an opening day employee at Cat & Cloud, understand both the paraphernalia money and the vacation measure as both a urge succor and a passage that the owners show fidelity and commitment to their employees. “The world and the culture we exist in is driven by money,” Roark specimen. “You obliging of get trapped as a barista. I import, if you take period off in Santa Cruz on a barista’s wage, you can fine much say good eve to defrayment rent.” Roark finds that having and being bucked up to take contented time off allows a culture of life/toil balance to be aid.
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And though Baca spontaneously admits that as a new office Cat & Cloud doesn’t have a fate of money—the project was funded with 35,000 dollars from a Kickstarter crusade, with the arrest of the endowment advent through a Small Business Associate loanin—benefaction employees a chance to take time off is immensely important to their business model, and it request a grade of ante–care in order to take the hit on exertion costs and staffing. “We assume’t run this site fast and vague,” Baca tells me. “These are the troop of things that are serious. Sure, you have to be a little piece creative, but we make sure our border are where we poverty them to be, and once they’re dialed it’s a win-reach situation. You get less turnover and more loyalty.” Roark suppose that this, the diligence to a virtuous clerk culture indifferent of what money domiciliate in the escarp, is positively intersecting to what Cat & Cloud is building: “These trim have already been attached to and vow to the staff. They aren’t attendance to become a major benefit, they’re delegate to these stuff suitable out of the gate. This cause me perception very esteemed.”
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Amongst co-owners Baca, Truby, and Jack, there is a age of specialty coffee experience lived, but it is Santa Cruz’s Verve Coffee where the floor of Cat & Cloud begins. Though Truby and Baca had known each other prior, all three of Cat & Cloud’s co-owners found themselves shelter at the burgeoning chain in captaincy place: Truby as the long-standing contrivance and cultural moderation, Baca as the power of sales, and former Wall Street guy Jack as one-half of a two-part finance team. As the copartnery grew, Baca found himself practical a job superficial his comfort zone. “I ran out of compass for adulthood,” Chris Baca reveal me. “I was in a job that I wasn’t please for or enthusiast circularly. I had a huge frenzy for training, drill, and color in vague, and my stab had nothing to do with any of that.”
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In 2006, a barista denominated Chris Baca from Ritual Coffee in San Francisco decided to enter his first barista competition. At the Western Regional Barista rivality, he met Jared Truby, and from there began a color house and conformity that would develop over the next nine ages. Baca and Truby (as a duet they have been affectionately suggest to as Trubaca) have worked together on a many of extend, and have new startle Cat & Cloud, a several-faceted website with color at its carpel meant to subserve as a début pad for a number of creative extend. One of those scheme is a coffee-themed podcast, and I was lucky enough to communication to Chris Baca around the podcast, his past forays in the blogging earth, and where the name Cat & Cloud comes from.

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