I really get a kick out of finding a better way to do things. The discovery of simple, wholesome tips that work—is there anything better? This week I learned about one of those tips, which you can try (or share) if you know a cat suffering from feline conjunctivitis (a.k.a “goopy eye”). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Feline Chlamydophila (formerly known as Chlamydia) mainly causes conjunctivitis in the cat. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the delicate membranes or conjunctiva that cover the inner surface of the eyelids and over the white part of the eye (the sclera). Ask a vet online for free. Chat live with veterinarians and other pet experts. Find answers to health, behavior and nutrition questions about dogs and cats. Signs symptoms and causes of a cat eye infection. See pictures, watch a video from our vet, ask a question and review treatment advice you can use now. FELINE CONJUNCTIVITIS. These feline eye infections are most often caused by a virus and most of the time, the virus causes conjunctivitis in cats, inflammation of the tissues around the eye. .

Dog Conjunctivitis: conjunctivitis is often referred to as red eye or pink eye and it is the most common eye disorder seen in dogs. Read more. Guide to cat eye problems. Ask our Vet a question, review pictures and learn from the experiences of other feline parents. Cat in heat. How to tell if your cat is in heat. Pictures of cat in heat. Cat rolling around the floor? Cat meowing a lot? Cat acting strange? Get information about pink eye types (viral, bacterial, allergic conjunctivitis), treatment and symptoms and how pink eye spreads. .

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