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I've used other expensive cat litter brands, but returned to using Special Kitty Scoopable/Clumping Cat Litter a year ago; this brand is slightly different from Special Kitty Scoopable/Clumping Litter, however although it's sold at Walmart, I didn't see the particular brand that I use on their website. It's AMAZING and clumps very well! For me, no matter what cat litter I use, I prefer to use a clumping brand because it allows for easy removal of any waste without having to dump the entire litter pan and replace it with new litter. I'm not one to skip even one day without scooping out my cat's waste, and if I'm home at the time I'll do so as soon as she finishes no matter what I'm doing. To me, there will always be a litter box odor in someone's home if they allow any kind of regular, premium, clumping, etc. litter to remain in their cat's litter box without scooping it out each day. By removing the cat's waste every day, my home remains fresh and when I have guests they always say “Wow, I can't tell that you have a cat because it doesn't smell like a cat in here.” What people don't realize is that when they visit someone's home, it's not the cat they are smelling- it's their waste that the pet owner doesn't remove from their litter box daily. Overall, why pay high prices for other brands when I receive the same effective results from Special Kitty's line of cat litter products. I pay just under $5 for the 14 oz jug and it lasts for approximately two weeks.
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I have been spending my money on expensive cat litter and decided to try this. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. The expensive clumping cat litter for some reason gets tracked all over the house even on my bed. It sticks to their feet, I even have a special carpet at the entrance of the litter box made to take the excess litter off their feet. Not only did it track it left like a muddy foot print on my tile. I was constantly cleaning up the tile and shaking off my blankets and washing them more than they should be washed. When I changed to this there was 99% less tracking of litter and NO muddy foot prints on my tile. The carpet at the opening of the litter box was doing it's job better with this brand. Makes me so mad to think of all that money I wasted on the more expensive litter. Also, THANK YOU WALMART for delivering these heavy bags to my door. I am an older lady with very bad arthritus and this makes it so much easier for me. I appreciate you doing that and also shipping is free if you buy over 50.00. Way to go Walmart!
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With the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System, cat lovers everywhere can now join the litter odor revolution. Isn’t that the worst thing about having a pet? The smell. With the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System, you now have a hassle-free solution for controlling your cat litter odors. This is the ultimate solution to keep both you and your pet happy.
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Im the owner of three cats and was always searching for a good cat box system that was clean/smell free. Sounds impossible with three, I know, however this Breeze System really does the trick! I bought the starter kit to try it out after reading several reviews. My cats all took to it very well right off the bat. They seemed to like the pellets instead of the litter that got everywhere. I was a little bit nervous about the price to use the pellets and pads every month but now after having it for 6 months, it takes the place of buying litter. I was buying litter so often and it really started to add up I like the idea of the pads that absorb the urine because it resolves the smell of litter soaked in it. The pellets make it easy to scoop daily. I change the pad every two days and there is no odor, however the one time I did wait three days I could smell the pad. Its very easy to remove the tray with the pad and dump it into the trash.The pellets can be a little loud when cat is using the box and if they come out of the box onto the floor they really hurt when you step on them! However i will take those two for only having to change the litter once a month! The pellets don't hold any odor and keep it smelling clean.
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The Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System is the ultimate hassle-free product to keep your home from cat litter odor and to keep your cat happy, and we picked ours up at Walmart. In fact, you can get the 2 pack of basic refills at Walmart as well (pictured below).
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This is the cleanest, best smelling litter box I have ever owned. I read through the other complaints regarding this item and dont understand what their issues are. No you can not flush all of the litter pellets but the one or two that stick I have flushed multiple times with no problems. I think even with a regular litter pan, your dogs would have the same easy access to it, and the one or two pellets that I have found scattered outside the box is nothing compared to the amount of the regular litter I used to have scattered throughout the house. Also the other review re: cats using urinating near the edge and making a mess I have never had problems with either, if the cat goes in the corner the pan is angled so that all of the urine drips through in the very middle of the pad, I have never had any problems with the pads not absorbing the urine, unless I forget to change it often enough. I cant say enough how glad I am that I switched. This is the best product ever, although the only thing I've noticed is I am haveing a hard time finding replacement pellets. Walmart online does not apparently offer them, and in the store is now limited avail.
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The Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System is compact, can easily fit in your bathroom or in another small space such as under the kitchen sink. Works well in an apartment or basement as well.  Litter Genie® describes it as “a nose-friendly, life-improving, happy-dance-inducing little savior for both you and your cat.” It really is. This entire system is self-contained, easy to use and controls odor. What could be better?
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I have 5 cats & prefer to use my spare time playing with them, not scooping poo. I put a small amount of this clay litter in each box & stack them so I always have clean ones ready to put out. When they are dirty I just empty them & start the process all over again. There should be one litter box for each cat, plus one! I cannot possibly follow this rule of thumb but do always make sure there are clean ones available. I have these shipped, free of charge, to my home every month. No more lugging 25lb bags from the store. Just one less thing I have to do. This is clay litter & is very dusty so pour slowly & expect it to get on items near the litterboxes. Can't beat the price!
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How It Works.Instead of traditional clay litter, the BREEZE Litter System uses specially designed, cat-friendly litter pellets that are 99.9% dust free and anti-tracking. The pellets allow urine to pass through, while leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal. The urine is quickly absorbed by the odor-controlling pad.
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A.Yes, a little litter comes with it, more litter is at Petsmart (not sure walmart has the refill litter). There are 4 urine pads that come with the system (see if the doggie wee wee pads can be cut down to fit in it, to save money).
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Instructions: Use a moisture proof cat box large enough To accommodate your pet.Maintain cat box filler at a depth Of 2-3 inches for pawing & covering.To be assured Of proper sanitation & your pet's comfort, it isrecommended that waste areas be removed daily. Store in a dry place.This product can also be used for oil absorption in driveways & for tiretraction in winter driving conditions. Used litter not recommended forgarden use. Cats are clean creatures by nature. As an owner you shouldencourage your cat's good habits by providing it w/a sanitary, well keptcat box. The cat box should be cleaned each week w/a solution Of hotwater & ammonia for best sanitary results.
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I have 3 cats and was sick to death of clay and clumping liter making my bathroom feel like I just walked on the beach. This is the first system that eliminates the dust problem. The absorbent pads make cleaning the urine super easy and with little or no gagging due to smell. The pellets are a bonus compared to clumping liters as they don't spread near as far. I live in CA, so often times I don't use air conditioning due to the wonderful weather we have hear. If it is a warm day I recommend running A/C as smell is more noticed in warmer weather. I scoop my cats #2 immediately as everyone should. Cats like a clean liter box and I always keep them clean. It's never a pretty smell whether I'm using clay/clumping or pellets. So no benefit there. However, if left in the box after about 10 minutes the smell does subside considerably. I've read a fair amount of the reviews on this site and most agree with me this is the best system ever! But if you want to leave the waste in the box for days I WOULDN'T recommend this system for you. Stick with your clumping liter so the cat can bury it and help with the long term smell. Lets face it, scooping #2 is never going to be a pleasant experience, we do it because we love our animals. I've owned cats for 15 years and this is heaven compared to clumping liters that track everywhere the cat goes (including your bed, gross) never found a pellet in my bed yet. Kudos to you tidy cat for the first real option in a mess free cat box! Cons to consider before buying; If your cat likes to dig in the liter it can be a bit noisy with the pellets. Especially at night when sleeping. I have gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me anymore. It's a small inconvenience to pay for all the benefits I get from it. Also, #2 can't really be buried in the pellets, so if you don't scoop right away it just sits on top. Not very pretty to look at. Overall, I'm giving it 5 stars across the board since it's made my life and my cats lives better. Note: I think it's funny someone posted a review saying they threw the system out the same day they purchased it and then said they used the product 2 – 3 months in the drop down menu. Sounds like a biased review to me. Give it a chance and be honest with your reviews. What works for some may not be what others are looking for. I hope this helps someone decide whether to buy or not.

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