Facts and photos about the beautiful Bengal cat. The domestic cat is believed to have evolved from the Near Eastern wildcat, whose range covers vast portions of the Middle East westward to the Atlantic coast of Africa. Volder-mog! The homeless cat who can’t find a new family because he looks like Harry Potter villain. By Matt Blake Updated: 06:41 EDT, 11 February 2011 With looks like this you would probably want to keep this moody moggy hidden indoors. But remarkably this Don Sphynx cat – who looks not dissimilar to ET and a Gremlin – has been drawing hundreds of admirers at a cat show. 18 million years ago, Schizailurus gave rise to the Felidae. The first of the modern Felids were the early cheetahs; now represented by Acinonyx (modern cheetah); true cheetahs are believed to have evolved around 7 million years ago. The Bengal is a domestic cat breed developed to look like exotic jungle cats such as leopards, ocelots, margays and clouded leopards.Bengal cats were developed by selective breeding from hybrids of the Asian leopard cat (ALC), Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis, with domestic cat, backcrossed to domestic cats, with the goal of creating a .

A narwhal, or narwhale (monodon monoceros), is a medium-sizedtoothed whale that could be said to look like a seal. Andy gets to painting the big cat Meng’s Leopard 2A7 German Main Battle Tank (Pt.IV) If you’ve ever dreamed of having a tiger, panther or leopard without, you know, the dangers of living with wild animals, you’re in luck: There are plenty of domestic cat breeds that look just like their big cat cousins Love cats, or just your cat in particular? Have a browse through our awesome collection of cat tattoos for some inspiration for your next tattoo. A Witch And Her Black Cat Many of us feel a bit of an affinity for witches, and this wearer certainly does too! .

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