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What Kind Of Cats Does Taylor Swift Have. So while your cat (or Taylor Swift’s cat) might hate going in the carrier, it is necessary. There are also several things you, or Taylor Swift, can do to try and make the process easier. The vets suggested that Taylor Swift could hypothetically leave the carrier out in a room that Olivia Benson frequents so that it doesn’t seem unfamiliar and scary. They also recommend that Taylor Swift place an item of her clothing—a pair of well-worn knee socks, for example—inside the carrier so that Olivia Benson recognizes her familiar smell. Taylor Swift might also try taking Olivia Benson on several short practice trips (5-10 minutes) in the carrier before a longer journey.
what kind of cats does taylor swift have 1

Taylor and her former cat, Eliehsen Taylor had 2 Siamese-Tabby mix cats called Indy and Eliehsen who didn’t like anyone else in her family apart from Taylor. She has also had two dobermans called Bug and Baby. Currently, she only has two cats named Meredith and Olivia Benson. On Twitter she has posted pictures of her cats with funny things written on the pictures. Two cats looking to out cute each other. Her cat drinking from a facet in her kitchen. “Its alright, I don’t mind drinking tap water. The dog drinks out the toilet.” Cat standing among her shoes. “I am here to judge you!” A bored cat. Cat uses its stomach as a pillow. “Yeah baby! We’re just that flexible.” Cat replaces dragon as number 1 treasure guardian. Wherever you go, there is always a cat hiding somewhere watching you. We’ll claim nothing is going on, but you know cats are always up to something. Taylor’s cat was hired to do ads by the national voting commission after it increased voting by 39% with this picture. One of her cats lounging around listening to her play her guitar. Cats are very judgmental creatures. Relax Taylor, I’m sure he loves you as much as we all do. Oh no, you made eye contact! Now the cat will be rolling around dazed for hours(its a cat thing).
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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a proud cat lady. She often takes Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson with her when she ventures out, and she documents their lives on her social media accounts. And those pictures and videos give us just a glimpse at how much Taylor loves her kitties and gives them a life of luxury. Rides on a private jet? Monogrammed kennels? Cuddles with Taylor’s cute brother, Austin? Where do we sign up? RelatedThe Reason Taylor Swift Thinks She Has So Many Instagram Followers
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2. “Sometimes, I’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh. Cats are so cute.’” Hey, we all daydream. Only when Taylor Swift daydreams, she does so in the middle of a sold-out arena tour, and not at her office job. But the subject of her dreams? Cats. And as she told Ellen DeGeneres during a recent appearance, she ponders very specific things about cats like, “Do they allow cats in hotel rooms? But they’re so cute. Some cats like to swim. That’s cool. And I’m like … I’m on stage right now.”
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What’s more fun than being Taylor Swift? Being Taylor Swift’s kitten, Olivia Benson! The Scottish Fold, named after Tay’s favorite character on Law & Order, gets to jet set with her popstar owner, pal around with Ed Sheeran, pose in major fashion campaigns, and nap, like, whenever. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 reasons why the snow white kitty is YOLO-ing harder than any celebrity pet we know.
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Taylor Swift debuted her new kitten, a Scottish Fold named Olivia Benson, back in June. Ever since, she’s been spotted carrying the cat (without a leash or carrier) wherever she goes, including the busy streets of New York City and, as of yesterday, on airplane tarmacs. The cat, it must be said, seems totally cool with this arrangement. This brings up a lot of concerns. Today, I contacted several local and very patient veterinary offices to find out what, exactly, is up with Taylor Swift’s cat.
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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a proud cat lady. She often takes Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson with her when she ventures out, and she documents their lives on her social media accounts. And those pictures and videos give us just a glimpse at how much Taylor loves her kitties and gives them a life of luxury. Rides on a private jet? Monogrammed kennels? Cuddles with Taylor’s cute brother, Austin? Where do we sign up?
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10. “She was completely exhausted from all the other naps she had taken that day.” There’s no blank space on Swift’s lap. That’s because it’s usually filled with cats — and in this case, one very sleepy kitty, who accompanied Swift on a plane trip. Hey, when cats want to nap, they’ll nap wherever they want. And in this case, it’s on a superstar’s lap in a private plane.
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5. “I go home to the cats.” As Jay-Z once rapped, “After the show, it’s the afterparty.” And music’s biggest show of all — the Grammys — boasts an afterparty scene that’s one of the biggest, most exclusive and most fun. Well, unless you’re Taylor Swift, who made her Grammy plan very clear to Nancy O’Dell: “I’m going to hang out with my friends, and then I go home to the cats.”
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RGK/PacificCoastNews As much as Taylor loves her kitties, though, she admittedly had some fears about becoming the stereotypical crazy cat lady.”I asked around: I was like, ‘Does two cats count as cats?'” she said. “But then I thought, what imaginary guy’s perspective am I thinking about this from? Someone is going to think I’m undateable for a lot of reasons before they think I’m undateable because I have two cats.”Nonsense. Then again, aforementioned imaginary guy might be a dog person, but that’s a whole ‘nother conundrum.
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3. “I feel like I just interrupted a very important conversation.” And judging by the looks on Meredith and Olivia’s faces, she did. Swift gets it — sometimes, cats need a little personal space. And that’s more important than whatever Swift needed to do in the living room.
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7. “In honor of #NationalCatDay, here is a photo of that one time I caught Meredith and Olivia cuddling.” Obviously, Swift celebrates National Cat Day. (It’s a very important day, after all.) And even Swift’s cats know how significant this day is. They posed for this photo, after all.
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11. “It is a daily struggle for me to not buy more cats.” Swift Tweeted out this confession — and it’s one to which we can all relate. Swift even parodied her cat lady status in a Diet Coke commercial (featuring a cameo from Meredith, of course) last October. In the ad, she is overtaken — rather happily — by a sea of kittens. Warm, soft, furry kittens. Hmm… doesn’t sound so bad, actually!
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Humberto Carreno/startraksphoto.com “It was like a 10 foot walk from my door to the car!” she said. “What I thought was funny about those pictures is that, like, the cat is looking straight at the cameras!”Indeed, Taylor’s feline friend is as camera-ready as her famous mama. Olivia found a home with Taylor in June, joining the singer’s 3-year-old cat, Meredith Grey.Recognize those names? They’re Taylor’s favorite Law & Order: SVU and Grey’s Anatomy characters, respectively. “Strong, complex, independent women,” she explained to Rolling Stone. “That’s the theme.”
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At the airport about to leave for Europe, listening to ‘See You Again’ and thinking about how much I’ll miss my cats. I’m not sure this was the intended purpose of the song. @charlieputh @mistercap A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jun 17, 2015 at 2:29pm PDT
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You Go Taylor. It makes me so very happy to know that you are a kitty cat lover. I love my cats more than anything in this world. First I love my Lord and Savior Jesus then my kitties. I agree full heartedly what the other people say is to adopt instead of buying from a breeder. Shelters have pure bred kitties also that people may have had to give up. Their are so many kitties dying in shelters because they are so full and so many more need to come in. Please do your research on that. I have a no kill Christian based cat rescue in Northern Ohio called DeeDees Feline Angels and Friends. Look it up on Facebook and also on the web, deedeesfelineangels.wix.com. We have many kitties waiting for their forever, safe homes. God Bless You Taylor. I Love Ya. You are awesome.
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You Go Taylor. It makes me so very happy to know that you are a kitty cat lover. I love my cats more than anything in this world. First I love my Lord and Savior Jesus then my kitties. I agree full heartedly what the other people say is to adopt instead of buying from a breeder. Shelters have pure bred kitties also that people may have had to give up. Their are so many kitties dying in shelters because they are so full and so many more need to come in. Please do your research on that. I have a no kill Christian based cat rescue in Northern Ohio called DeeDees Feline Angels and Friends. Look it up on Facebook and also on the web, deedeesfelineangels.wix.com. We have many kitties waiting for their forever, safe homes. God Bless You Taylor. I Love Ya. You are awesome. Diane Kusic April 2, 2015 7:07 am Reply.

What Kind Of Cats Does Taylor Swift Have

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Cat House Air Purifier-4 Needs It Should Be Able to Meet

Cat House Air Purifier-4 Needs It Should Be Able to Meet

Cat House Air Purifier-4 Needs It Should Be Able to Meet. Converting a house into a cat shelter is a wonderful way to give homeless cats shelter until they are able to be placed with their own family in a home. But while they are all there, an air purifier is a must to keep the air fresh and odor-free for your feline clients, the people that care for them, and for the potential owners who will visit.

Best Air Purifiers For Bedroom (Breathe Quality)
Best Air Purifiers For Bedroom (Breathe Quality)

Here are 4 things your air purifier should be able to do in your cat house.

Remove Urine Odor-One of the most off-putting smells in the whole world is cat urine. And with a number of cats grouped together, who may or may not be used to using the litter box, the stench in the air can easily become overpowering. Eliminating this smell is directly related to the health of the kitties, the quality of your staff, and the quality of customers you will be able to attract who will adopt the kitties.

Carbon filters are well known for their ability to remove odors. But carbon alone will not remove the ammonia that is the predominant offender in urine. An additive to increase is ability to absorb the ammonia is a necessary part of the filter make-up.. Without it, the eye-stinging effects that urine can cause will not go away.

Cat House Air Purifier-4 Needs It Should Be Able to Meet (Mommypotamus)
Cat House Air Purifier-4 Needs It Should Be Able to Meet (Mommypotamus)

Eliminate Dander-Dander is dead flakes of skin that are shed by all warm-blooded animals as newer healthier skin replaces it. Shedding is continuous as they move through they daily activities.. There is nothing you can do about this continual process except deal with it.

Clearing it from the air keeps felines and humans healthy. Because it is so small—2 to 5 microns in size–it can easily penetrate the inner tissue of the lungs and with continually inhalation of large amounts, it can cause nodules to form. Most often they are benign, but clearing the air reduces the amount available to be inhaled.

High efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) filters are renown for their ability to remove pollutants that cannot be seen with the human eye. By definition this type of filtration will remove 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns in size with 99.97% efficiency. You know it must be effective if hospitals use it to filter their air..

Trap Cat Litter Dust—Your shelter is probably filled with litter boxes.. Between scratching, cleaning them, and adding to them, it can create quite a dust cloud. Your cleaner also needs to be able to effectively remove these big particles that can trigger coughing, sneezing, and other aggravating symptoms.


Large and medium particle pre-filters should be the first line of defense against big particles like these. These filters take them out of circulation for good while allowing the HEPA to stay clear for micrsopic pollutants such as dander, bacteria, and viruses..

Get the Hair Out Of the Air-The great volume of hair that can become airborne can easily be seen by looking closely at the air when the sun shines in through window. Without constant filtration, all the particles that you see will go into your body and the cats’ bodies and will make extra work for the lungs and liver to try to eliminate them.

The large pre-filters are excellent for removing these particles. And the good news is that dander often sticks to hair, and so by removing the hair you are also decreasing the amount of dander in the air as well.

Abyssinian Cat Breeds in the World

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat. As with several cat breeds, verity origins of this ancient breed are lost. One theory is that it absolutely was in Yaltopya (now Ethiopia) that these distinctive cats originated.

Abyssinian Cat Breed Information (Vetstreet)
Abyssinian Cat Breed Information (Vetstreet)

The Breed History Abyssinian Cat

Consistent with one supply tho’, genetic studies have indicated their place of origin was in Southeast Asia and therefore the ocean coast instead. The primary reportable export to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was Zula, in 1868.

The Breed History Abyssinian
The Breed History Abyssinian

The Felis catus maintains a particular wildcat look, closely resembling cats pictured within the Egyptian tombs. By the late 1800s, the Aby, as they’re lovingly termed, was documented as a definite breed. Residual tabby markings square measure usually visible on the top line, over the eyes, and faint broken bars are also visible on the neck and legs. Note that the breed commonplace for this cat varies betting on the register, with the ECU sort being additional extreme in form, and a wider spectrum of colors accepted there. Foundation stock for the yank Felis catus arrived from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland within the Thirties. Following WW II, solely twelve registered cats remained in the European countries. The CFA doesn’t permit outcrossing.

Physical Characteristics Abyssinian Cat

Physical Characteristics Abyssinian Cat (Exotic House Cat)
Physical Characteristics Abyssinian Cat (Exotic House Cat)

Abyssinian cats have an average weight of 9 to 12 lb (4-5.5kg).

Coat: it’s thought that the tabby pattern underlying the Dasyprocta aguti ticked coat was originally way more outstanding which selective breeding for the ticking and against the tabby resulted in the trendy coat. Chin and chest area unit white. The fine, short, shiny, firm however not harsh hairs have the distinctive Dasyprocta aguti pattern. The Dasyprocta aguti usually provide 2 to four color bands over the shaft of the hair, with the ticking color at the terminus of the hair and therefore the base of the hair being the most coat color. Names below that area unit bolded area unit accepted in CFA. Others area units accepted in European registries. Dasyprocta aguti could be a dominant coat issue (A).

Ruddy: the foremost fashionable color, the “Usual” domestic cat coloring may be a made medium honey brown (burnt sienna) ticked with dark brown/ black.

Blue: maybe a base coat of pale beige (oatmeal) with ticking of bluish-grey (slate blue).

Sorrel: The questionable red color is popular—it’s {a made|an upscale|a chic|a fashionable|an expensive} ginger red (also termed apricot); ticking may be a dark rich chocolate brown. This is often not a real red (red maybe an organic phenomenon recessive).

Fawn: A pale orange (rose beige) base color with heat chocolate (cocoa) ticking.

Lilac and silver: Not nonetheless accepted in North America.

Eyes: the massive almond eyes square measure fairly wide-set; could also be inexperienced or gold within the CFA-approved colors. There square measure dark rims set inside a lighter spectacle. Points of Conformation: The Abby may be a slender, medium-sized cat with slender legs and long arched neck. The wide-set moderately sized ears square measure tipped forward. The face and head contain a distinct rounded-wedge form, while not flat planes. The English domestic cat contains a lot of elongated head when put next with the Yankee cat. There’s a small break of the nose. Feet square measure tiny, compact, and oval. Chin’s hairs square measure lightweight. Tail terminus is that the ticking color and also the tail is that the same length because of the body; fine and tapering from a thick base. Back is slightly arched.

Grooming: Low grooming necessities. A piece of cloth or hand grooming once weekly can sometimes satisfy.

Recognized Behavior problems and Traits Abyssinian Cat

Recognized Behavior problems and Traits Abyssinian Cat (Glamorous Dogs)
Recognized Behavior problems and Traits Abyssinian Cat (Glamorous Dogs)

Reported breed characteristics include Athletic, playful, terribly active, warm, curious, very smart, freelances, like to jump and be in high places. a couple of lines have high strung/nervous or freelance temperament. They have a tendency to become terribly connected to their caregivers and will demand attention and shadow. Extremely social, they fancy the corporate of different cats within the household; a busy-body. Quiet voiced cats. Play fetch and ride shoulders— counseled to own rising trees. Several like water and can use their paws to drink and play in the water.

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep So Much

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep So Much

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep So Much. One thing is for sure: cats know how to sleep. And they sleep a lot. However, so far nobody knows why they sleep so much, but you gotta admit that they are the most adorable creatures when asleep.

What do cats like to sleep on (We're All Abaout Cats)
What do cats like to sleep on (We’re All Abaout Cats)

As they choose the weirdest place to sleep. Either on top of a dog or in a pot. You name a place and they are there 🙂

Well, it’s a known fact that cats evolved from a long line of hunters and predators and that probably has an effect on their sleeping pattern. Their diet may also play an important role. Since they are on protein rich diet that doesn’t take them a lot of time of the day, they have plenty of time to sleep.

Why do cat need to sleep so much (Pet Money Saver)
Why do cat need to sleep so much (Pet Money Saver)

And sometimes all they do is sleep, since they don’t have things to do. Of course this applies for indoor cats. But there is always something you can find for your cat to do and stay awake and entertained.

While newborn cats, well they sleep most of the time, but believe it or not this actually keeps them safe. As they don’t attract attention and by that I mean, they don’t attract predators.

As for the cats in the wild, well they are constantly on alert in order to survive.

Why do cat always want to sleep (Maine Coon Admirer)
Why do cat always want to sleep (Maine Coon Admirer)

While indoor cats are sleeping, they are still active and ready to go into action. And you can see that as all cats while sleeping have their ears rotating and as soon as they hear a noise or sense that someone is coming they open their eyes to check out the situation and if safe they go back to sleep again.

And as I’ve already said at the beginning cats sleep basically anywhere. At the table, on a top of a piano, on the edge, anywhere.

Why do cat have to sleep so much (AnimalWised)
Why do cat have to sleep so much (AnimalWised)

As long as it safe and comfortable enough for it to stretch that body. 🙂 For example when it’s cold it tries to find a shaded place where it can stretch out. While during the cool winter days a cat will try to find a place warm enough, like warm sunshine or next to a heat source.

Another interesting fact is that cats like to sleep in their owners’ beds. And people who use this method actually benefit from it, as it strengthens the human-feline bond and let’s not forget all the warmth and the comfort your cat gives you.

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep So Much (catster)
Why Do Cats Like To Sleep So Much (catster)

And one last thing. Cats dream, too. But, unfortunately for now we can only guess what they dream about.

By Emilija Spirkoska

Cat Ringworm Treatment

Cat Ringworm Treatment

Cat Ringworm Treatment. Tinea capitis is ringworm of the scalp. A visual diagnosis is extremely difficult for determining the apparent type of fungus. A skin scraping by your health care provider is preferred. Medications may include terbinafine hydrochloride, grisofulvin or Lamisil. Washing your hair with a medicated shampoo will also be recommended in most cases.

Cat ringworm home treatment (azurra.co)
Cat ringworm home treatment (azurra.co)


Microsporum canis accounts for about 74% to 98% of ringworm seen in cats. It is believed that up to 21% of cats are asymptomatic carriers. (cats which carry the ringworm fungus but show no signs of it) M. Canis is highly infectious. Ringworm can be spread from dog to cat, cat to cat, cat to dog, human to cat, cat to human, etc.

This fungus dwells in your cat’s hair follicles. This weakens the shafts which causes hair to fall out. As the condition progresses, the hair loss will develop into circular patches usually on the head and limbs. Your cat may also have dry, flaky skin that’s very itchy.

Cat Ringworm Treatment – Tinea unguium is a nail fungus of the fingernail or toenail.

Cat Ringworm Treatment (The Much Zone)
Cat Ringworm Treatment (The Much Zone)

Tinea corporis is the skin fungus of the limbs, face and trunk. Tinea versicolor is a skin fungus on the back, shoulders and chest caused by yeast malassezia furfur. Tinea barbae is related to the bearded area on the face and neck area. It is so important to know the ringworm location and appearance for the proper ringworm treatment.

Having ringworm is usually a bad experience for everyone. This disease is very irritating because it gives the one who is infected with it a constant itching sensation. Part of the skin that is affected by this disease has red ring-shaped rashes all over. The skin outside of the rash is crusty and flaky, while in the middle is composed of healthy skin. Ringworm treatments are very effective in removing all the symptoms of ringworm, including the itching and the rashes.

Cat ringworm treatment cost (catster.com)
Cat ringworm treatment cost (catster.com)

Ringworms are the result of a fungal infection and mainly appear on the scalp but also affect the nails and other skin sections on the rest of the body. The fungus is not only found in human beings but also dwells on the skin of animals such as dogs, cats and pigeons. It can also be found in the soil. Infection takes place when a person comes into contact with a fungus-infected person, animal or surface.

Ringworm is contagious. M canis is usually found in clusters around the infected cat hairs. The infected cat hairs will usually shed into the cats environment. A cat can become infected by contact with contaminated objects with ringworm as clippers, bedding, grooming tools and with other infected cats, dogs or animals. Ringworm is more common in young cats that are less than one year of age and long haired cats (Persians).

Cat ringworm treatment petco (gabriellonzo.co)
Cat ringworm treatment petco (gabriellonzo.co)

Bald spots on your dogs skin is frequently an warning of a ringworm infection. Ringworm causes the hair follicles in the infected area to harden and break off at the base. The bald spot created by the ringworm rash will probably appear as a red crusty ring. In the middle of the rash the skin will look natural. The irritation is also very itchy and your dog will likely scratch the spot if he can reach it. Try and keep your dog from scratching the infection if at all possible. Scratching will cause the rash to spread. If the animal is free to wander around the abode it can easily spread the rash to its owner through direct or indirect contact.

Cat ringworm treatment over the counter (veterinerymedicine.dvm360.com)
Cat ringworm treatment over the counter (veterinerymedicine.dvm360.com)

With cats, the common symptoms can be excessive hair loss in the area of the head or paws. Cats can also have scaly patches of skin on different parts of there body. With dogs, the common symptoms are lesions on many parts of the dogs skin including the tail, ear tips, paws and face. The best course of action regarding your ringworm pets or ringworm animals is to have your vet diagnose your situation for the correct remedy.

Air Cleaner For Cats- 4 Important Features To Have In A Purifier

Air Cleaner For Cats- 4 Important Features To Have In A Purifier

Air Cleaner For Cats– 4 Important Features To Have In A Purifier. For those of us who love cats, we are often able to overlook the hair, dander, and odort that they can produce. However, allowing these pollutants to accumulate can not only be unsightly, but can cause allergies and asthma to flare. Clearing the air with a purifier is an effective solution if the purifier has the following 4 features.

Air Cleaner For Cats (The Catington Post)
Air Cleaner For Cats (The Catington Post)

Air Cleaner For Cats

Carbon Filter—Thank goodness for carbon, because it is well-known for its ability to filter gaseous pollutants from the air. So if an air purifier is to be effective at removing urine smell it must have 10 to 15 pounds of activated carbon.

The added bonus of having carbon is that even though your main concern may be odor from your feline friend, carbon doesn’t really care about the source of the odor. It will indiscriminately remove gases, odors, and chemicals that may be lurking in your air from everyday living such as cooking smells from last night’s dinner, fragrances from personal products, and smells cleaning products emit.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Odor (freshairguide)
Best Air Purifier for Pet Odor (freshairguide)

Filter For Removing Ammonia—Remember when your grandmother used to clean windows with ammonia? That’s because it’s powerful stuff. And ammonia is one of the main components of urine. That’s why cat urine can be such an eye-stinging experience.

In order for any cleaner to be able to remove this smell, it needs a carbon filter that has a considerable amount of activated carbon in it. But carbon alone can’t effectively remove it completely.

An additive such as ammonasorb that is specifically designed to absorb the ammonia is what is needed. This additive has been shown to enhance carbon’s ability to absorb the ammonia and return the air to your home smelling fresh and clean.

Filter For Dander—Cat dander can be mistaken for particles you sometimes see floating in your air. In fact, the dead skin flakes that your pet is constantly shedding are invisible to the human eye. These flakes are microscopic in size.

The Best Air Purifier for cats (Wirecutter)
The Best Air Purifier for cats (Wirecutter)

But the effect that they can have on someone who is allergic or asthmatic is huge. Constant exposure to high levels of dander can and often does cause sensitivity where there was previously none.

That’s why it’s important to have a filter that can remove micron size particles. A high-efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) filter is the best type of filter for the job because by definition, it can remove airborne particulates as small as.3 microns.

This is the type of filtration that is recommended for people with asthma and allergies, and is used by hospitals to insure clean air.

Living with a warm-blooded pet such as a cat probably means that your main concerns center around hair and dander, but HEPA filtration will also remove other well-known allergens such as dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, bacteria, and viruses.

24 Hour Cleaning Capability—A cleaner can have the best combination of filters in the entire world, but unless it can run all the time, it will constantly be playing catch up. And for you that means your air is not consistently clean. Keeping air quality high all the time is the most effective way to minimize the effects allergens can have.

A split capacitor motor is designed to run safely and effectively for long periods of time without needing a rest. Check the technical specifications to make sure that your unit can clean continuously. Allergens don’t take a break and your unit shouldn’t have to either.

Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!

Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!

Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!. Hi guys! In this video, I’m going to talk all about the biological development of young kittens and how you can tell what age a kitten is. It’s important to be able to identify the age of the kitten because that’s going to tell you how to care for them. (to kitten) Are you adorable or what? Rosalita here is going to be our model for the next eight weeks to teach you all about aging kittens. Starting with… newborns! You’re twitching in your sleep. I can’t wait to watch you grow up! Newborn kittens will have their eyes closed and their ears folded.

Their ears are gonna look really small and tight to their head, just like a little tiny teddy bear. At this age, they don’t have any teeth, so if you open the mouth and look inside, you’re going to see very pink gums. The nose, the mouth, and even the little toe beans might look very pink at this age. A truly newborn kitten will also have her umbilical cord. Here’s Rosalita’s umbilical cord. It’ll fall off on its own around four to five days old. So don’t try to pull it off or cut it off yourself, just leave it as it is. A newborn kitten like Rosalita here is the most vulnerable that you could possibly work with. These little ones can’t thermoregulate and need to be kept very warm. At this age, they also don’t have a gag reflex, so you need to be very, very careful while you’re feeding them. Newborn kittens will sleep for the majority of the day, waking up only to eat and go to the bathroom.

They can’t walk around, but they might be able to wiggle a little bit to move towards or away from heat. They should be pretty alert when handled. They should be able to wiggle around, make sounds, meow, and let you know that they’re doing okay. You’re so wiggly! The average weight of a newborn kitten is between 75 grams and 150 grams. It’s important that you’re weighing them multiple times a day and making sure that they’re gaining weight. Their average temperature is 95 to 97 degrees at birth and because they can’t thermoregulate at this age, it’s critical to provide them with a heat source. Their environment should ideally be between 85 to 90 degrees at this time. A kitten this young should be with her mother, so do everything you can to keep her with her mom. If you can’t keep a kitten this young with her mom, then they need to be syringe fed with a kitten formula. You can watch all my videos about how to take care of neonates on my YouTube channel. Kittens who are orphaned and don’t have a mother will be more susceptible to disease, so be very careful about handling them.

Keep them in a safe space and avoid any contact with other animals. A newborn kitten should be with her mom, but if she’s not with her mom, you need to make sure you’re syringe feeding her a kitten formula, that you’re providing bathroom support in the form of stimulating them to go potty, and that you’re keeping them warm and safe. Kittens who didn’t consume colostrum from their mom within the first day of life will be more susceptible to disease. The colostrum present in the mother’s milk provides passive immunity to the kitten in the form of antibodies, and if a newborn kitten doesn’t nurse on mom during the first day of life, that means they’re going to be even more immunocompromised.

So keep these little ones safe. The care schedule for a kitten who is zero to one week old is every two hours. It might sound like a lot, but it’s important to do even overnight. So please care for these guys every two hours. After you care for them, they’ll just go to sleep. So this is our zero-week-old Rosalita, a newborn kitten. So how can you tell if the kitten is a newborn? If they have an umbilical cord, No teeth in their mouth, their eyes are closed, and their ears are very tiny, you can bet that that’s probably a newborn kitten.

Rosalita is one week old. Her eyes are still closed, her ears are starting to slightly unfold, and you’ll notice she no longer has her umbilical cord. She just has a nice little belly button. A one week old kitten is still very small, but they’re much more sturdy. You can see her head has gotten a lot bigger, her belly is a lot bigger. This is a very healthy looking one-week-old. Kittens one to two weeks old will weigh between 150 to 250 grams.

Their average temperature is 97 to 98 degrees, and it’s critical to provide them with a heat source. Their environment should ideally be around 85 degrees at this time. Their average amount per feeding is 6 to 10 milliliters, and they should eat kitten formula every two to three hours, including overnight. Something you’ll notice on these little guys is their claws are non retractable. So her claws are out at all times of this age.

Rosalita’s eyes are still closed for now, but around 8 to 12 days, they’re gonna slowly start to peel open. One thing that I notice on seven-day-old kittens is they start to get a little bit more of an eye line. I can more clearly see where the eyelid is and where it’s going to peek open. By one week old, kittens will have almost doubled their birth weight if they’re doing well. So if you get a kitten whose eyes are closed but who has already lost their umbilical cord, you know that they’re probably between five and eight days old. One-week-olds are still largely uncoordinated and they still sleep for the majority of the day. You might just see that they’re a little more active, a little bit more squirmy, and they’re starting to try out some of those first walking behaviors.

She still fits in the palm of my hand. But by this age, she’s made it through the very most vulnerable week of life. So good job, Miss Rosalita! Seven days old is when the ear canals will start to slowly open up. So if you look, you can actually start to slightly see inside of the ear. As that happens, you may find that they slowly start to respond to sounds a little bit more than they did before. At this age, they should be able to lift their head up, and they should be able to wiggle around using their limbs.

We’ve got eyeballs! So here we have our two-week-old kitten. At two weeks old, kittens’ eyes will be open and they will be baby blue. Kittens this age will have enlarged pupils and their vision will be very poor. The ears will be upright but very small, like a baby bear cub. Peeking inside the mouth, we can see that she still has no teeth. The claws will still be non-retractable. Kittens start to open their eyes between 8 and 12 days of age, and it can look a little funny while they’re doing this. One eye might open more quickly than the other or it might only happen halfway one day. All kittens are born with blue eyes, and that’s not due to pigmentation, it’s due to a lack thereof. As the kittens get older, their true pigment will come through.

But by 14 days of age, kittens will generally have their eyes nice and wide open. Two-week-old kittens are starting to spend a little more time awake and they might even try to take their very first steps, so they’ll be quite uncoordinated. They might wiggle around like a little worm, they might be able to take some steps forward, but these guys are not great at walking. They’ll start to exhibit signs of curiosity about the world around them, but they definitely are not interested in playing yet. Kittens two to three weeks old will weigh between 250 and 350 grams. Their average temperature is 98 to 99 degrees, and it’s still important to give them a heat source at this time. Their environment should ideally be around 80 degrees. Their average amount per feeding is 10 to 14 milliliters, and they should eat every three to four hours, including overnight. And at this age, kittens can receive their first dose of dewormer, which is typically repeated again after two weeks. A two-week-old kitten is still going to be nursing and she’s still going to need to be stimulated to go to the bathroom.

But when they’re awake, they should be able to hold their head up, look around, and make crawling motions. [tiny mew]
You’re so vocal! Such a cute age! When I’m caring for an orphan, two weeks is when I make the switch from a syringe to a bottle. I find that most of the time, kittens do a lot better on a bottle around this age than they do when they’re younger. Rosalita here is a great bottle feeder now. You’re becoming a little more than a handful! They’ll also have what I call a triangle tail. It’s a very, very short little triangular tail, and while they’re walking, it will wiggle behind them like an antenna. Three weeks old! Miss Rosalita is now three weeks old! Three weeks is arguably the cutest kitten age ever.

At three weeks old, Rosalita’s eyesight is rapidly improving and you can see more of the blue of her eyes. That’s because her eyes are maturing and her pupils are able to dilate according to the light, so she can actually focus better and start looking around a little bit more. Her vision isn’t quite perfect, but it’s definitely getting a lot better. Her ears, on the other hand, are fully mature at this age. Her hearing has completely improved and now she’s able to respond to sounds around her. She even wakes up when she hears her name called. Hello! All these improvements in hearing and vision make them a lot more interactive at three weeks old Ooh! Kittens three to four weeks old will weigh between 350 and 450 grams. Their average temperature is 99 to 100 degrees and it’s still important to give them a heat source. Their environment should be around 75 degrees. Their average amount per feeding is 14 to 18 milliliters, and they should eat from a bottle every four to five hours, including overnight.

So this is the age where you start to really feel like you’re interacting with a small cat. Three-week-old kittens also have major improvements in their coordination. She can start to slowly walk around. She’s not gonna be prancing or running or playing at this age, but she will be able to put her feet underneath her body and transport herself where she needs to go. But at this age she’s going to be awake a lot more often. Three weeks old is where you might notice that they’re just kind of sitting there looking around, and they’re not necessarily asleep all the time in between meals.


Sometimes I’ll visit her and she’s just staring off into the distance, or rolling around on her back being adorable! If you’ve got a kitten who you think might be three weeks old, a great way to know is to look inside the mouth. Three weeks is when those first teeth start to come in, so if you look inside the mouth, you might see those tiny teeth at the front of the mouth. Those are called the incisors. Don’t be fooled by those first teeth. The incisors are not designed for eating meat, they’re designed for grooming. That’s why at three weeks old, you might see a kitten start engaging in her first grooming behaviors. Belly belly belly belly belly belly! Three weeks is a great age to teach these kittens to start grooming themselves and I like to use a toothbrush to teach them how to do that. If you’ve been caring for an orphaned kitten that’s younger than three weeks, you’ll definitely have been stimulating her to go to the bathroom, and at three weeks old, you do want to keep doing that.

Rosalita here does still go to the bathroom by being stimulated with a soft tissue or a baby wipe. Kittens three weeks and younger will absolutely be getting either licked by their mama or will need you to do the work of stimulating them to go to the bathroom. Good job, Rosalita! You went pee! You went potty in the class. Good job! But three weeks old is when you might start noticing them going to the bathroom on their own. Maybe they have a little accident in their blanket or you see that they are starting to go poop on their own in their bed. Three weeks old is a great age to at least be putting a shallow litter box in there for them, even if they aren’t going to use it. A lot of kittens will get curious about the litter box between three weeks and four weeks old. You can watch my litter box video to learn how to help them make that transition, while still providing them stimulation at every meal, of course. Three-week-old kittens should still be either nursing or on a bottle.

There are some people who will try to wean a kitten at this age, but I highly discourage that. That can be very dangerous or even deadly for these kittens, so definitely watch my video about weaning age to learn why you should not wean this young. Good job, Rosalita. I can’t wait to see you get bigger! What a fun age you are. And here we have Rosalita at four weeks old! At four weeks old, a kitten’s vision and hearing is rapidly improving. The eyes will appear much more blue as the pupils focus on the items around them and you’ll notice that when you look at them, they’re looking right back at you. If you look in the mouth, you’ll see that the canines have started to come through. (to kitten) Yeah. You got canines! The canines are gonna look like a tiny fang right next to their incisors.

Don’t forget: just because they have their incisors and their canines doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily ready to eat meat. Four-week-old kittens will generally still be nursing on their mom or on a bottle, but they are rapidly approaching weaning age. Four-week-old kittens begin confidently exploring their surroundings and developing much more coordination. They can walk very confidently and explore at a faster pace. At this age, kittens are notably more responsive than earlier weeks.

They really start to look around and respond to the sights and sounds in their environment. Four-week-old kittens can engage in social behaviors with littermates and they can learn from visual cues from other kittens. At this age, a lot of kittens will be using the litter box, but some of them will still need to be stimulated either by mom or through a tissue. Because of their improved coordination, I think that four weeks is the perfect age to start introducing kittens to play. Sure they won’t be able to pounce and jump as confidently as an adult cat, but this is a good time for them to start some of those early playing behaviors.

Kittens four to five weeks old will weigh between 450 and 550 grams. Their average temperature is around 99 to 101 degrees. At this age they don’t rely on a heat source anymore, as long as the room is 70 to 75 degrees. But I still like to provide them with one as an option. Their average amount for feeding is 12 to 22 milliliters per meal, and they should be bottle fed every five to six hours, including overnight. Rosalita is 5 weeks old! Oh my God, you’re so fat. At five weeks old they’re really becoming a tiny cat. Their social skills are developing, they are interacting much more with humans and other animals, they can walk confidently and even start to sprint around. Five-week-old kittens will be playful and they’ll be practicing taking down prey.

At this age kittens enjoy hunting their toys and biting them. Five-week-old kittens will still have those baby-blue eyes, but their vision will be very much improved. Their eyes can dilate to light and they can focus on the objects around them. At this age kittens are honing their hunting skills, and they’re perfecting their use of the litter box. They don’t need to be stimulated to go to the bathroom anymore and they can go totally independently. Probably the most exciting development about the five-week-old kitten is that this is the age where they start to wean on to meat.

If you look inside the mouth of a five-week-old kitten you’ll see those characteristic canines, the tiny incisors at the front, and you can see that she has her premolars in the back. Those teeth are designed for cutting and shredding meat, so she is ready to start eating little bits of meat on her own. Five-week-old kittens are honing their grooming skills and their potty skills. After a meal, these guys are really good at grooming themselves. And by this age, they should be using the litter box with ease. [meow] Excuse me? [meow] Yeah, I know! You can use the litter box really well! Kittens five to six weeks old will weigh between 550 and 650 grams.

Their temperature should be around 100 to 101 degrees. At this age they should be fed every six hours, including overnight, but they should be supplemented with a bottle afterward until they are eating wet food with confidence. They can also be introduced to a shallow bowl of water at this time. While it’s important to weigh kittens at every age, it’s especially important to monitor weight while the kitten is weaning to ensure that they’re making steady gains. A five-week-old kitten is no longer a handful. They’re two handfuls! You’re getting so big! And here we have Rosalita at six weeks old! At six weeks old, Rosalita’s baby teeth are fully descended. The vision and hearing of a six-week-old kitten are fully developed. At the beginning of their sixth week, kittens’ eyes will still be blue. But you’ll notice that between six and seven weeks, they’ll start to transition into their adult eye color. Rosalita’s eyes are a little bit less blue and a little more green every day this week.

Between six and seven weeks the melanin production in the eye increases and brings forth the adult eye color. Kittens six to seven weeks old will weigh between 650 and 750 grams. Their average temperature is 100 to 101 degrees, and they can thermoregulate well. At this age kittens should be fed every six hours. Though generally, they are able to successfully eat wet food independently and can therefore handle being left for eight hours overnight while you get some sleep. Kittens this age can independently eat, drink, and use the litter box. At this age kittens generally received their first FVRCP vaccine, which is repeated again in two to four weeks. The most important thing to know about this age is to be playing with them constantly to encourage their natural hunting behavior like pouncing and biting. Rosalita is seven weeks old! At seven weeks, kittens will be fully transitioning to their adult eye color. Rosalita was born with baby blues, but you can see that now she’s going to have beautiful green eyes.

Seven-week-old kittens are playful and inquisitive, and they can climb! And if the seven-week-old kitten is male, that’s around the time that their testicles will start to descend. There they are. Kittens seven to eight weeks old will be between 750 and 850 grams. Their temperature will be 100 to 101 degrees, and they can thermoregulate well. At this age, they should be eating a meal every six to eight hours and have ample access to water. At this age, kittens are really honing their micro-panther skills, so be sure to give them lots of access to enrichment and toys.

Playing is essential. To teach them to appropriately target their prey and not attack humans, never play with kittens using your hands. Only play with toys. Woo-hoooo! Rosalita is eight weeks old! Eight weeks is by far the most exciting milestone of all because this is when kittens are ready to go to their forever home! Eight-week-old kittens will weigh right around two pounds. Their temperature will be 102 101 degrees and they can thermo regulate well. They can be fed wet kitten food three times a day. At this age kittens can be spayed or neutered, FIV and leukemia tested, microchipped, and prepared for adoption into a forever home. As you can see, these little guys go through so many changes in the first eight weeks of life. But it all comes down to this: getting them to adoption age. You did it, Rosalita! Good job! So that’s it. That’s a look at the first eight weeks of a kitten’s life. I hope this helps you determine your kitten’s age and needs. Of course, note that these milestones are not going to be the same for every single kitten.

For example, Ray is six weeks old but only weighs 450 grams because he’s a little guy. And Rosalita here ended up showing an entirely different timeline for her developmental milestones because it turns out that she’s visually impaired. It just goes to show that while there are some standard milestones to look for, every kitten is ultimately going to be different. So I hope you can use this video as a guide that at the end of the day, we have to meet every kitten exactly where they are.

Thanks for letting us follow your journey, Rosalita! You were a great little teacher! Mmmmmwah!.

Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!

Rescue The Cat Stuck in the Mud Pit

Rescue the cat stuck in the mud pit

I am fishing in the river Suddenly, the sound of a cat calling for help somewhere I went to look for the cat to call for help I found the cat stuck in the mud pit I saved the cat and took the cat to the bath I use drinking water on a fishing trip to bathe the cat It was a bit cold today so I focused on the fire to heat and dry the cat’s fur

The cat has dried up, I pack and bring the cat to find the owner of the cat Thank you for watching my video. Don’t forget to click and subscribe to my channel.


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Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?. Comet We all know that they like to chase the laser pointer and run their own assholes. But we have a lot of things we don’t know about our cute beard friends. For example, where did their lovely domestic cat ancestors come from, how did they evolve from wildlife? We usually think that early historical evidence shows that domestic cats come from ancient Egypt. Such as the art of murals 4000 years ago and the cat made of mummy But now some clues point to the home to start earlier. From other places on the planet The oldest estimate we found was the skull of a domestic cat. An island from the Mediterranean called Cyprus Scientists speculate that the cat lived from a historical point of view about 9500 years ago.

That was after people started farming in the new moon, one of the birthplaces of ancient civilizations. That is not exactly a desert area between West Asia and North Africa. Farming means you have to store extra crops somewhere And a bunch of delicious cereals that attract rodents For hungry cats, rodents are like self-service food. So one guess is that wild cats come to catch some food. And gradually close to humans Humans are also very happy with them because the cats handle the mice and the furry is very cute.

By this time we believe that humans have domesticated other animals such as dogs and cattle. So adding a hair friend is not too strange. And we think that cats from Cyprus are pets for the following reasons First of all, Cyprus is an island and there is no native cat species, so it must be Someone brought by boat Then if they don’t have a trace of docility, it will cause confusion in the panic of animals. Just as you may know how hard it is to bring a bad comet to see a veterinarian. Still have to bring it back In addition, this cat is buried with a person and is probably the owner of the owner and surrounded by carved shells. Wild animals cannot get these special treatments and if the cat is food Its bones are more likely to be scattered All of this evidence is published in a scientific journal in 2007 along with a study.

That is to trace the genetic origin of the domestic cat The researchers found that our cat friends have a recent relationship with wild cats/spotted cats. Specifically, near East Asian species Use your eyes if you look at the cat as proof of sight This cat looks too much like a domestic cat. So many signs show that domestic cats are split from their wild cat relatives in the Crescent Moon. But wait a moment Other scientists discovered in 2001 that it is likely to be the bone of a domestic cat.


In an ancient village of cultivated millet in central China Recent computer analysis of the shape of the humerus These cats have nothing to do with wild cats. Instead, they are a leopard cat, a completely different gene. From small animal caves to archaeological excavations to seemingly to store grain in clay pots The researchers are sure that the village has a problem with rodents. And by looking at the carbon isotope in the cat’s bones It is very obvious that they have eaten many small animals. Those small animals have eaten a lot of human-grown millet. This is the first evidence Support “cats catch mice that eat food and become domestic cats” But this domestication took place in different species of cats about 5,300 years ago.

On the other side of this huge land So what is the most true story? Domestication of cats in the Middle East or in China Ok, when people start to cultivate grain There is no reason to domesticate that can’t happen on two different types of cats in different places. But remember? Genetically, all modern cats are descendants of wild cats/class cats rather than leopard cats. Maybe the domesticated wild cat just went closer and won our love a little. Look at the domestication of the animal’s genes also left a footprint So even though any shovel officer laughs that his cat is too independent and not domesticated. But we can look at the genetic footprint of these genes.

In 2014, a group of American universities launched a collaboration to investigate the domestic cat gene pool. Using 22 different breed cats from different places The study found that recent genetic changes come from the part that controls the development of the nervous system in cats. These genes may play a role in the behavior of domestic cats, such as domestic cats. Less defensive behavior for new environmental stimuli may change their behavior in response to rewards In other words, it is more likely to compare wild cats/cats. Friendly to use your head to call you to get up and beg for snacks These can explain why our cats are especially close to humans and get along well with humans. Helps catch mice to eat leftovers and survive Passing their genes So to some extent, the comet is domesticating itself. And it seems that they have done this more than once. That is to say, the cat piece that is flourishing is unstoppable. Thank you for watching this episode of Science Show is also the credit of our sponsors on Patreon.

These decisions give us sponsors of money, although they don’t have to sponsor So this project will make it free for everyone to watch. If you want to be one of the sponsors and help us to launch our future channel You can go to patreon.com/scishow for sponsorship If you want to be smarter with us, watch the subscription at youtube.com/scishow

Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet – Dogs and Cats

10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet | Meet our dogs! | Our Adoption Story | Rescue Dogs | The Edgy Veg

And I said let’s talk to our parents and friends so you’re not you know from New Yorkers talk hey today on the edgy veg we are not talking about food well huh can you stop acting like. I didn’t tell you at this video is about that no we have two new members of our family we’re going to share them with you about four weeks ago. Myka please go so you guys have been following us on interest or ease you know that we adopted not one but two little munchkins this is Sir Winston Churchill he the Prime Minister this is a troublemaker Harley Quinn and we love them very much today we really wanted to talk to you guys about why we decided to Madonna and why we think that if you guys are interested in getting a pet we think you should adopt so let’s start by telling you guys a little bit about our little guys so this is Winston he’s very shy and super timid and a very very picky eater he likes to play fetch by instead of like actually going get it he waits for Harley to go get the toy and then steals it from her he also likes to pee on mommy and daddy when he gets really excited don’t you you make to pee on us this Harley Quinn she’s big sister to them and you can kind of speak she’s blind in his right eye key also but you can kind of see now she likes to be held like a baby she’s just hanging out like this all day when she gets really excited her tail wags day life I think that’s true with any dog these guys oh my god they are so well tempered well mannered sort of calm they love sleep and cuddle they’re not overly anxious we got them house attained in about TVP how long ago still not well they’re not a hundred percent house chain but they’re like 97 were saved peed like two days ago in the house cuz you were both gone you run the shower right so when I read it said that we wanted a pen might be too uh yeah like I don’t have years we couldn’t agree on a breed we couldn’t agree on a method we couldn’t agree on size but for me personally I said well I don’t want to buy a brand-new dog they don’t want to buy it on from a pet store I don’t want to buy a dog for a breeder because I would feel way too guilty buying a new dog kind of like supporting puppy mills or the breeders when there’s other jobs is there that you need to be rescued and I didn’t know any better because we had had bred dogs my whole life zone I just thought that was normal I didn’t know what the issues were until you told me so if you’re looking to do the same thing we did there are lots of websites I think pet finder is one of them and I mean that collects different information from a whole bunch of agencies so you can go to one place and find all these dogs from all around here we got Harley and when standing from an agency just a set of Toronto called pest live Niagara originally we had applied for the Windsor what’s that we applied for Winston but he was actually bonded with another dog which was Harley and when they tried to separate them they freaked out so she said would you be interested in adopting two dogs and then you were all like tada well I said let’s talk to people that we know who would be able to advise them it’s a good idea not and everyone said it’s actually not that much more work to have but they’re from Kentucky and in Kentucky in a lot of places they only hold dogs and cats for two days before they put them down so these guys would put on fulfillment and pestle at Niagara I guess informed anytime that there’s a dog to let me go Dominic they posted them on their website and when as soon as we saw it we knew right away and then within I think it was two Z’s we want to meet really loved us right away and we loved that right away so we took home at night it yes just uh coming back in the car did not stick them in the back of the car with the with me yes this is an amazing experience for us waiting almost two years was still worth it because we got not just one but two lovable cuddly bundles of joy that have just changed our lives and it’s so nice to like have someone that’s genuinely so excited to you when I’m putting on Sonakshi you don’t lick me to death and waddle so fast and because you’re so excited you fall over you you really like her bad of us all I guess so all of this to say just that if you are interested in getting a dog please consider an adoption and here are the 10 reasons why we think you should read the number one buying from pet stores support puppy they don’t take care of them properly they don’t think of them as a life they just really think of them as the commodity and something to make money on and the conditions and you find dogs they’re atrocious and they’re illegal for pet stores specifically there’s just no rule like they’ll take a dog from almost anyone as long as this is cheap and you’re just encouraging those people to keep reading their dogs and they’re horrible conditions reason number two is that shelters are super overpopulated and a lot of them only keep competitor about 48 hours so if they’re not adopted or claimed within 48 hours they kill them so you’re saving a life reason number three it costs less so much less such a good deal summer for the two ago we’ve a 650 for both of them and they came neutered and vaccinated and had their percent fill that’s a lot of money because they do all that stuff for you so if you’re like a frugal or money conscious person that music better waiting room yeah reason number four on many occasions depending on how old your dog is they might already be house-trained you don’t have to worry about that yeah a lot of his time it’s not a dog problem a lot of the time it’s a human problem and that’s why the dogs end up in shelters whether it’s the divorce or they got a puppy for their kid and their kids wanted there’s a lot of different reasons like humans can’t take care of dogs and it’s not the dogs problems a lot of the time there’s house-trained so you’re actually getting the bracelet dog alone the time reason number of five is six to eight million dollars a year are waiting in shelters and adoption agencies and foster homes to be adopted that’s a lot of dog and if that number doesn’t blow your mind in the US alone they kill an average of 1.5 million pets a year shoes g’kar you write peace garden using number six you can’t buy love but sometimes you can’t talk to dogs are so grateful I’ve never met a dog but is it just like over the moon in love with their new yeah I mean guys they took us right away look they’re so cute and cuddly and loving they even sleep in the bed with us most of the time and it’s so cute because still sleep at the end of the bed during the night and then in the morning don’t crawl up no like our faces really no confidence unless reason number seven is that you’re actually saving to live because shelters are so overcrowded not only do to save the dog that you chose but you’re actually making a room for a new dog to have the opportunity to find a new use for a lot good reason embrace foster carers and agencies allow you to meet and greet your dog’s version because it’s a looser perfect match so along with being able to kind of select certain fries or sizes if you get to go and meet them and if a dog doesn’t take you then maybe it’s not the right fit reason number nine is that you get the full information on the website from the foster agency before hands you can see exactly what their temperament is any health issues they might have or anything that might not work for you if you can run around too much or they’re too barky or of their blinds like our little girl you get to know all of that right away so if you’re not interested in giving a dog eyedrops five times a day like we used to do for Harley you get to know that before you pick up the dog and number ten is of course you get a new best friend and there’s messily and it makes you very happy and it even makes your relationship you close your weekend new families so those are the 10 reasons that we think that you should adopt and not shop and this is a success story for us and we have tons of friends that are dog rescuers or foster parents or dogs that are being rescued and that’s why we support the charity runway a few friends of ours called puppy love or joy what they do is they help raise money to help shut down from the mill so they help fund to raise and they’re having a huge event in Toronto on June 1st and we are going to be there and love for you guys to be there you can buy tickets at puppy love 2017 calm come and support you know your love for animals and comes to hide us we will be there photos of these guys will be there it’ll be a huge event in Toronto the location is still TBD but it’s going to get and if you liked this video don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed to see more videos like this we want to hear about your furry little friends please leave us a comment in the comment section below let us know what your adoption story is are just like share story about your school furry friends thank you as always to our patreon supporters for supporting ads each and every month if you are interested in supporting a syllogisms district if you guys already knew that we adopted these guys that’s awesome because it means useful ascent into the story and stories is what we use instead of doing a daily vlog so you can see us from morning until night you’ll see so many videos of these guys also what we feed them as well as you’re interested to know if our dogs are vegan or not vegan they also have their own description it’s called veggie dog Vicky does and will link to in the description box below alright guys thank you so much for letting us take a break from cooking this week and just sharing our new bundles of joy with you we know that you’ll see a lot more of them in the videos and you’ll get to know them and love them as much as we do hi [Music]


10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet