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Los Angeles is ready for a cat cafe. It was clear two years ago when the temporary Catfe pop-up in Chinatown was mobbed for the entirety of its four-day lifespan that the city’s feline faithful would line up for a space that allowed them to engage in heavy petting whileContinue Reading

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Home 6 Reasons Your Cat is Peeing Outside the Litter Box By Carol McCarthy If your typically fastidious cat is ditching the litter box and peeing just about everywhere else in the house, it can easily become a problem for pet parents. Between the constant cleaning and the strong smell,Continue Reading

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Description Transcript Tags Lotus Cat Tower (FT7599): watch this video featuring products available on The Lotus Cat Tower will revolutionize your concept of cat furniture. One look and you’ll be impressed by its sleek, organic design. Bring out your cat’s natural love for climbing with the step platforms onContinue Reading

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Images by Christina Kilgour/Getty Images If you have chosen a mammal for a pet, you're going to have pet hair in your home and on your clothes. (Unless, of course, you have chosen to adopt a naked mole rat. And if you have, you have other issues; but back toContinue Reading

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Dog Boarding Award Winning Boarding Services that include climate controlled buildings, private outside covered patios, radiant floor heat, and over 50,000 square feet of outdoor play areas. Read More Dog Grooming Award Winning Grooming Services that provide professional bathing and grooming such as nails, dematting, brushing, scissoring, clipping, and ShedlessContinue Reading

Health Information Health Topics Cat Health News Camuti Consultation Service CatWatch Newsletter Client Information Brochures Patient Assistance Program Suggested Articles Inflammatory Bowel Disease Diarrhea Constipation What Is There to Treat Idiopathic Megacolon? Gastrointestinal Parasites of Cats The Danger of Hairballs A Hairy Dilemma Poisons Feline Diabetes Chronic Kidney Disease HyperthyroidismContinue Reading

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Hypoallergenic Cats For Sale Near Me. ForestWind Siberians is a Siberian Cat Breeder dedicated to ensuring your pet Siberian is happy, healthy, and huggable, while we work to ensure the preservation of the aboriginal Siberian Cat. Discover what people say about ForestWind Siberian cats by linking to our Testimonials. WeContinue Reading