Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box

Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box

Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box. Do the cats have to go in wet Granules? The CatGenie completely dries the Granules so cats have a dry litter-like bed to do their business in comfort. Is the CatGenie noisy during the washing process? Of the less than 30-minute process, 26 minutes are as quiet as a purr. During three short periods you’ll hear the sound of water draining similar in volume to your washing machine.

Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box (
Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box (

How long does the cleaning and drying process take? The entire process takes less than 30 minutes. What if my cat has to use the CatGenie while it is washing? Cats sleep from 15 to 20 hours a day. They pass solids within 30 minutes of eating their main meal. So you have plenty of time to run the CatGenie. Or you can set it on Cat Activation. After your cat does his business, your CatGenie waits 10 minutes before cleaning. In a multi cat household, it gives a second cat time to come in. It then resets and waits another 10 minutes, to allow another cat to use it. CatGenie does this until every cat is done. You also have Auto Start (pre set to run 1 to 4 times daily) and Manual Start options. How safe are the Washable Granules? What if my cat ingests them?

The Washable Granules are a non-toxic combination of safe synthetic and natural ingredients. If swallowed, the small, smooth granules will simply pass through the digestive system. Is the CatGenie safe for cats? Absolutely. We love cats and would never do anything to harm them. Our goal is to help improve the relationship between pets and people by solving the hated litter box problem for good. Is the SaniSolution in the 120 Cartridge safe for cats? The SaniSolution cleaner used in the 120 Cartridge is tested safe for cats. It has the same ingredients that veterinarians use to clean their operating and examinations areas. What happens if my cat is in the box when a cleaning cycle starts? Built-in sensors, called GenieEyes, know when your cat is using the CatGenie so the cleaning will not start.

If programmed for Auto Set will not start until 60 seconds AFTER the cat has left. If another cat jumps in, the CatGenie waits until that cat leaves. It waits another 60 seconds before it Auto Starts. If programmed for Cat Activation, the CatGenie waits 10 minutes after the cat leaves. If another cat needs to use it, the CatGenie resets and waits another 10 minutes. Of course you would never start the washing process when the cat is using it. Will my cat accept the different cat box? Cats accept the cat-friendly shape and comfy litter Granules of the CatGenie. They use the CatGenie as they use any clean litter box. Will the washing scare my cat? Cats come to realize that the cleaning is a good thing. Our animal behaviorists have told us that cats learn to associate the cleaning with a benefit. For cats that’s a clean, fresh cat area. They especially like the warmed Granules. We do recommend that during the first week, you activate the cleaning to run while your cats are sleeping.
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Can the CatGenie work in homes with septic systems? Yes, it is safe for septic systems. Only waste water and a few Washable Granules get flushed each day. Any lost Washable Granules biodegrade in less than 9 months. Do I need a plumber to install my CatGenie? In 99% of cases, a plumber is NOT needed to connect the CatGenie. The setup is simple. With your purchase, you receive an outside-diameter, 1/2-inch (inside-diameter, 3/8-inch) T-adapter for bathroom setup and an outside-diameter, 1-inch (inside-diameter, 3/4-inch) T-adapter for laundry room setup. These fit 95% of locations. Some non-standard hookups may require a different size T-adapter, which PetNovations does not provide.

They are inexpensive and available at home center stores. Does it hook up to plumbing? Yes the Cat Genie hooks up to cold water intake from a sink, toilet or washing machine. The drain hose merely hooks over a toilet rim or the drainpipe behind your washing machine. It is a simple, do-it-yourself set up. Does the CatGenie need electricity? The CatGenie needs an electrical outlet for power to operate. How do I clean the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box? The great benefit of the CatGenie is that it is the only cat box that actually washes and cleans itself. Like any appliance, it is a good idea to wipe the outside surfaces and take it apart and do a thorough cleaning 2x a year.

The CatGenie 120 has a Maintenance Cartridge that you use a few times a year to remove lime and grime that could build up in hard to reach areas. The Water Sensor, a small, easy to reach part, should be cleaned when you change a Cartridge. How does solid waste get through the pipes? The solids get ground up into liquid for safe and easy removal down the drain. How long does it take to set up the CatGenie? On average, it takes less than 15 minutes to set up the CatGenie. How many times a day should I run the CatGenie 120? Run the CatGenie 120, for one to two cycles per cat per day. And run the CatGenie at least once every day even if you don’t see waste in the box. To be sure it’s clean after use, set it on Cat Activation. It’s cleaner and more economical because the 120 Cartridge adjusts to dispense the SaniSolution for 240 washes. Where is the best place to locate a CatGenie? The CatGenie can be hooked up in any room that has an incoming water supply, drainage and an electric outlet like Bathroom, Powder room, and Laundry or Utility Room.
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Are there any health benefits with the CatGenie? With the CatGenie, you never need to come in contact with cat waste or germy, smelly litter. There’s no litter dust to breathe in. There’s no fear of catching toxoplasmosis from cat waste. For those reasons, the CatGenie is healthier and safer especially for pregnant women, patients undergoing cancer treatments, anyone with a compromised immune system, and those with allergies or asthma. Has the CatGenie been tested? Yes. Before introducing the CatGenie, the self-flushing, self-washing concept was used by over 15,000 cats in over 7000 homes and in many Veterinary Clinics. The stools get flushed so how can I check for problems? You can easily check for trouble before you push the wash button.

Don’t pre set the CatGenie to start on automatic when you want to examine the feces. What do veterinarians say about the CatGenie? Veterinarians consider the CatGenie to be a superior alternative to both traditional and self-scooping litter boxes. Because the CatGenie is totally washed and cleaned everyday, it greatly reduces the chances of inappropriate elimination. Veterinarians point out that the dust free Washable Granules are a healthy alternative to clay and clumping litter. Why should I switch to the CatGenie? Never scoop, touch or change cat litter again. Save time not having to do a dirty job. Enjoy the only truly clean solution to the litter box. No more saving of cat waste in a box. No more litter box odors and mess. Complete automatic cat sanitation for all cat lovers including: busy moms, working people, travelers.
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How long is the cat acclimation process? Most cats take to the CatGenie immediately. Cats have different personalities and adjust to new things in their environment at different rates. How many cats can use one CatGenie unit? The best success is one CatGenie for two cats who weigh up to 20 lbs. In some cases, three cats can use one CatGenie unit. If you have three cats using one litter box now, then they shouldn’t have a problem using one CatGenie unit. Kittens over 8 weeks easily adapt to the CatGenie. Will my cat acclimate to and use the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box? Every cat is different and special. Over 95% of CatGenie cats have acclimated quickly and easily to the self-washing concept. Cats use the self-washing cat box because it’s thoroughly purified and cleaned. A renowned cat trainer developed and wrote the cat Acclimation Protocols for the CatGenie.
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Can I use cat litter in the CatGenie? NEVER use cat litter in the CatGenie. We supply the litter-like Washable Granules that provide cats the material they need to dig and cover. The Washable Granules are made especially for the CatGenie. Warning: Only use Washable Granules. Anything else will damage the unit, clog your pipes, and void your Warranty. Does the CatGenie use a special litter? The CatGenie uses only cat-comfy, permanent Washable Granules. How much of the Washable Granules will I need? Frequency of replenishment depends on the number of cats in your home. On average, a box of Washable Granules will last up to 6 months. How often do the Washable Granules need changing or replacement?

Actually, the Washable Granules never need changing or replacement as they are washed, scrubbed, and cleaned every time the CatGenie runs. However, you will need to add Granules because some will be lost as they may stick to solids or get kicked out of the Basin. Just keep the Basin filled to the safe-level line for optimum performance and for your cat’s comfort. Will the Granules clog my pipes or damage my septic system? No. In a traditional sewer or septic system, the Washable Granules are safe for your pipes and will biodegrade in a septic or sewer system in 9 months or less (2 years or less in a landfill). Only the few Granules that stick to solids will end up down the drain or in the septic system. Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box


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