Eye infections are common in cats, but not necessarily deadly. It can spread and affect the internal parts of the eye if left untreated. Severe cases often lead to blindness, if not impaired vision. Perhaps the most common feline eye infection, conjunctivitis is colloquially known as “pinkeye.” Symptoms include squinting, a green or yellow discharge, and swollen, reddish conjunctiva that gives the condition its nickname. Conjunctivitis can result from bacterial, fungal or viral infection, or from certain eye diseases. Signs symptoms and causes of a cat eye infection. See pictures, watch a video from our vet, ask a question and review treatment advice you can use now. Recognizing when there is a problem is the first step in diagnosing and treating Eye Infections In Cats. Here are some tips that pet parents can use to keep their cats’ eyes bright and healthy. How to Treat Cat Eye Infection. Eye health is important to the overall health of cats and should be assessed by cat owners on a regular basis. Knowing what to look for and how to act if you suspect an infection is important to preventing Bacterial infections of the eye typically occur secondary to an injury or viral infection. Bacteria are opportunists that take advantage of a cat’s overtaxed immune system and set up housekeeping. Chlamydia is the leading bacterial cause of Eye Infections In Cats. .

Eye infections in dogs and cats have the same root causes: viruses, bacteria and fungi. In dogs, however, Lyme disease can also cause an eye infection – strange, but true. Eye infections are either acute or recurrent. Our feline friends can get eye infections too. Keep your cat happy and healthy by recognizing the signs of cat eye infection. Ask a vet online for free. Chat live with veterinarians and other pet experts. Find answers to health, behavior and nutrition questions about dogs and cats. A cat eye infection can arise due to various factors such as viral infections, bacterial contamination, the presence of foreign objects or abnormalities of the eye. Since the symptoms of eye infection are easy to detect, it’s best to treat minor eye conditions in time. .

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