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Self Cleaning Litter Box Multiple Cats

Do you have a multiple cat household? Are you overwhelmed with the number of conventional litter boxes in your home? The Humane Society and other sources suggest having 1.5 litter boxes per cat. That means three litter boxes for two cats and five litter boxes for three! Think about all of the crouching, scooping and […]

Can Cats Get Headaches

Can Cats Get Headaches. Allergy Headache Allergy Headache Symptoms Pain localized over the sinus area, perhaps causing facial pain rather than a headache (associated with sinus headaches) Throbbing, usually one-sided headaches that may be aggravated by sunlight and accompanied by nausea (associated with migraine headache) Allergy Headache Triggers Nasal or sinus congestion Stress Certain foods […]

Lymphosarcoma In Cats

  Lymphosarcoma In Cats. Feline Leukemia Virus and Related Diseases in Cats – Overview (Feline lymphoma and leukemia, Lymphosarcoma) By Julie K. Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine; Director, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program Chemotherapy is the go-to treatment for canine lymphoma. In most cases, […]

Healthiest Food For Cats

The Whole Pet Diet Chicken Stew aka Doc’s Stew(r) – My Newest and healthiest updated recipe from my book. Special note: use organic ingredients whenever possible Natura Pet Products manufactures natural healthy pet food, including Innova dog and cat food, EVO, California Natural, HealthWise, Karma Organic dog food and Mother Nature dog treats. Sticking to […]

Are Succulents Poisonous To Cats

While not all succulents are poisonous, it’s a good idea to know the few that are and what type of threat they may pose to humans and animals. In this article I hope to list most of the more common houseplants that are dangerous to cats so that you can either ensure you don’t bring […]

Feeding Stray Cats

David Parton of Gainesville has been giving stray cats food for almost a decade because God told him to ‘keep feeding them’. He opted to spend nine days behind bars instead of paying fines. HUMANE HINTS: In some cases, you don’t need to remove stray cats at all – just leave them alone!Never feed stray […]

Do Cats Get Colds

PR ICE: 75 CENTS MONDAY, NOV. 23, 2009 FOUNDED IN 190 5 We humans are at the start of our cold and ˜u sea-son, and owners are asking me whether their cats can catch their colds. Cat Colds . Your cat is sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes, basically, all the symptoms of a cold. There […]

Cystitis In Cats

The bladder can become inflamed as a result of several different problems. In dogs and people, the most common cause of cystitis is a bacterial urinary tract infection. Cat cystitis can be troubling for both the cat and its owner. Learn about the symptoms of Cystitis In Cats and how to prevent and treat it […]

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other Why Do Cats Lick You? 7 Things to Know. Have you ever wondered, “Why does my cat lick me?!” You’re not alone. When your cats lick you, it can be a compliment, a sign of stress or more. Why do cats lick people? Is your cat licking your hair […]

Can Neosporin Be Used On Cats

During the first 24-48 hours you may use neosporin. After 24-48 hours you would want to keep the stiches dry. It would not be good to use any medication meant for a dog on acat, it would be too strong for a cat. Frontline Plus is aninsecticide and should be used as directed. Neosporin has […]