Why would anyone want to create felines that glow in the dark? Find out how this technology may lead to cures for diseases, and see some luminous cats. Create a winter wonderland in your home with these pretty glow-in-the-dark snowflakes. Set includes 20 beautifully designed snowflakes that cling to flat 1. Sheep Good news, nighttime shepherds: Sheep can now glow in the dark. Well, technically, only nine of the wooly animals can. And they’re in Uruguay. When the bull I was supposed to be examining as part of my work as a country vet broke free and charged at me in a rage, he wasn’t seeing red. Large numbers and an illuminated face make these an instant read, even in the dark. Includes user-friendly alarm feature and temperature display. Plastic. A ‘glow in the dark’ kitten viewed under a special blue light, next to a non-modified cat. Both cats’ fur looks the same under regular light. Photograph: Mayo Clinic .

To promote dog safety and celebrate us reaching 100,000 happy customers, we’re giving these away (normally $28.99) for free for a limited time! _ Are you keeping your dog safe at night?! As part of an effort to improve treatments for life-threatening illnesses, a team of scientists have created rabbits that glow in the dark. Their efforts produced two rabbits out of a litter of eight that went from being a normal, fluffy white to glowing green in the dark. Do your dog’s eyes almost look possessed when they’re exposed to a flash of light in the dark? Here’s why dogs’ eyes glow in the dark. This is The Ray Cat Solution:. 1. Engineer cats that change colour in response to radiation. 2. Create the culture/legend/history that if your cat changes colour, you should move some place else. .

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