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G & J Enterprises is a sales and service company located in Billings, MT. We specialize in improving quality of life for the physically challenged by helping them to overcome mobility and access limitations. It was 10 years ago that Roy Horn of the celebrated duo Siegfried and Roy stood on the Las Vegas stage. Suddenly, he was no longer standing. Instead, he was being hauled off the stage in the mouth of a white tiger named Montecore. While many assumed at the time that his death was a foregone Return to the main tutorial page. Return to the main page. Buy the book “Cats Who Quilt.” Buy your cat the “Certificate of Membership in the League of Cat Quilters.” Early Bird Special (until 1/17/18) First 3 entries ONLY $45 EACH or ANY 4 entries (same owner) $148 Four Pack Special (after 1/17/18) ANY 4 Cats/Kittens (same owner) $160 .

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