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Hi, I’m Simon – welcome to “Simon’s Cat Logic”, we’ll learn from cat expert why cats behave the way they behave and today we will find out about cat sounds. Well, of course, all cats have their own personalities and I know the sounds my cats make, which really helps me distinguish them from each other. Well, I think the loudest of all my cats is the big fluffy one Teddy, who is such a loving cat, that when he enters the room, informs you with a great twist, his tail is in the air, happy and loving to purr and meow all the time for food!

The complete opposite of Teddy is Maisie, the great Maisie and she was a rescued cat because when she was a little kitten she spent her first eight months on the street, so she didn’t really learn how to meow because she lived with other cats and as a consequence, it is not meowing and very quiet at all and makes a small, thin sound instead of meowing, but she’s a very attached cat, and compensates for the absence of voice, purring as noisy as possible.

[Meowuuuuuuuuuuu] Meowing is not really a natural behavior for cats, they won’t in the wild they communicate with each other vocally, and it’s the same and with the wild colonies, when cats communicate with each other, they actually prefer to be guided by odors, but also rely on facial expressions and body language. But, our domestic cats tend to be quite talkative. What is really interesting is that it is a form of communication that builds up over time between the owners and their cats. The cat will develop specific meows, depending on the reactions of its owner. So if the cat is meowing, for example, to tell her to open the door, and the owner does, she learns she will get the answer she wants and is more likely to repeat that particular meow next time.

This is pretty similar learning behavior and in humans, so if you are a talkative owner, you may find that you have a talkative cat. When your cat growls, it’s usually because he feels threatened in some way. Basically, the cat tells you to “stay away because I will smite you or attack you”, if you get close. Snarling is quite a hallmark and other animals, which are much larger, use low sounds, when threatened. Therefore, cats may use the growl to scare the other cats, so that they can move away. Cats are often heard roaring around food and to tell people or other cats to stay away. This is completely natural behavior because in the wild, they are lonely animals and they would not share their food with others.


Cats can hiss for different reasons, or because they are poorly socialized, or because they have negative associations with something, which we do not notice. Cats that hiss are very likely to scratch or bite, and that’s why it’s very wise to let them find it when they show such behavior. If it is not typical for your cat to hiss, then the first thing we will recommend is to get her to a vet, because it can have major medical issues, like hurting it for example, and it is crucial to exclude them first. Rumble is one of the sounds we are all familiar with. Generally speaking, it is when cats are in a good mood and satisfied, this behavior is shown by kittens just after they are born, it is also a form of communication with their mothers. The mother will also grunt in response, reporting that, on her part, everything is also fine.

Cats usually snore when sunbathing or lying on your lap. But there are other types of purring. There is one called urgent purr that sounds more urgent to the owner and often requires food or attention. Scientists have discovered that it exists a built-in frequency that sounds like human crying. Although the murmur it is usually a sign that the cat is pleased, they can also purr when experiencing pain. If you’re worried, see your cat’s type of sleep and looks comfortable and relaxed? Or there may be other medical signs, evidence of a health problem? When I finished my first movie on Simon the Cat, I started thinking about the sounds, the cat puts out, I had a silent movie, the cat was playing, but there was no voice. I first thought of putting real cat noises in the movie. But I soon found that it didn’t work, they didn’t stick with the picture. And then I thought, well … I’ve watched cats all my life and I know what sounds give out how their mind works and what sounds they would make in this situation.

So I decided to try it myself. Meow Meow And it turns out … Since then I’ve been recording all the cat sounds myself! .

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