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Nail Clippers For Cats

How to Operate the QuickFinder Before clipping, examine feet and nails for signs of injury. Feet and nails should be free of injury and dry before proceeding with nail clipping. To power the clipper, slightly squeeze the handles together until the red light only is illuminated (continue to keep handles slightly squeezed together to keep power on). If all lights illuminate and remain on, there is insufficient power and the batteries must be replaced. If green light stays on, turn unit off by releasing the handles, wait two seconds for unit to reset, and restart power up phase again. Once red light stays illuminated unit has sufficient battery power and is ready for operation. With unit powered up (red light on), insert nail into fixed blade hol from under side of clipper. Keep nail at a 90º angle and against sensor side of the fixed blade hole. Move cutting blades toward base of nail far enough that quick in the nail will be detected for the first time. The red light will flicker and remain on. This sets the sensor to the quick in the nail. Note that the nail should continually be on the sensor side of the hole during sensing for sensing to occur. Maintaining power to unit, move cutting blades toward nail tip away from nail base. The yellow light may briefly illuminate as blade and sensor approaches nail without quick. Continue moving cutting blades toward tip of nail until green light illuminates, indicating a safe cut. It is not safe to clip when yellow of red lights are on. While maintaining position and 90º angle of clipper, squeeze handles together in firm, swift motion to avoid crushing nail. It is normal for green light to turn off at end of clipping action after blade has cut through nail. If red light stays on, power off device and restart clipping process. The QuickFinder will automatically turn off in open position (handles not depressed). Note: Make sure your own hand, and your pet’s paw, are clear of the sensor board. Only the nail should be near the sensor. This way, only the nail and the quick will be read by the sensor, not your hand or your pet’s paw.
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If you’re lucky, like we were, then your cat will already be used to you holding his paws, sitting on your lap, and you loving all over him.  The first time I clipped Yoda’s nails, he was curious about the clippers and agitated slightly from the sound and pressure on his nail.  I upgraded to nail clippers suited for cats and the next time I trimmed them he didn’t even notice.  This is why having a good quality pair of cat nail clippers will make all the difference when trimming your cat’s claws.  See our selection of the best cat nail clippers below.  For more information regarding cat nail care, we recommend this site.
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Last, but not least is the Boshel nail clippers which is highly suitable for both dogs and cats.  It is more similar (in features) to it’s competitor pair of nail clippers by Yogo (above).  Nonetheless, it had to be in our selection of the best cat nail clippers. Its features are:
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Some people prefer a special pair of scissors modified to hold a cat’s claw in place, others prefer human nail clippers and still others choose pliers-like clippers or those with a sliding “guillotine” blade. Whatever your tool, be sure the blade remains sharp; the blunt pressure from dull blades may hurt an animal and cause a nail to split or bleed. Keep something on hand to stop bleeding, such as styptic powder, cornstarch or a dry bar of soap (to rub the bleeding nail across).
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It is personal preference which you prefer to use. However, both types of clippers can seem awfully big and can make it difficult to actually see the nail when cutting a cat’s nails, let alone a kitten’s. You may find that using your own compound lever type nail trimmer may be much easier for you to use since you are accustomed to using it in the first place and because it will allow you to more clearly see exactly where you are going to cut the nail.You will also want to have some type of styptic powder, quick stop or clotting agent available in case you do cut a nail too short and cause bleeding.  This is pretty unlikely to happen with cat’s nails but if somebody startles or jumps, accidents do happen.Start small when you cut your kitten’s nailsOnce you and your kitten are used to feet and toes being handled, try cutting a couple of nails. You don’t have to do all of them in one sitting. Play with a few. And then cut a couple while giving the same verbal or food rewards and encouragement as before. Trim as many as you both feel comfortable with but don’t push it. Take a break if you need to and come back to it later. You’ll have a lifetime of nail trimming ahead of you, so take your time.
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Rated 5 out of 5 by Infinity Good quality. We really like this product. It lights up where to end clipping. December 10, 2013 Rated 5 out of 5 by arlenevi excellent, wonderful product After using these, I’d never trust cutting a cat nail with my eyes again. September 9, 2012 Rated 4 out of 5 by jjdor good feaures Have only used once. Is easy to use. Have noticed the claws have gown back to sharp claws quicker than when I used regular clippers, but maybe I held them wrong. Still takes the guess work out of clipping nails. December 22, 2013 Rated 4 out of 5 by Belle1 Nail clippers A little hard to use at this time. Kitten is still small and nails are hard to get to. Surely it will be great when she grows more. November 8, 2013
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To maintain your pets’ health, keeping your dog or cat’s nails neatly trimmed is essential. With its high-quality stainless steel blades that offer one of the safest ways to trim the paws of your pet, this ensures a clean cut every time. The safety guard that comes along with the nail clippers saves your pet’s nail from unintentional overcutting. This is one of the best clippers you can find for your dogs and the ease with which you can carry out the clipping process is amazing.
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Give your cat the nail care she needs with safe, effective trimmers and clippers, cat claw covers, clippers and kits. Keep her paws healthy and your furniture intact.
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I definitely adore my dog Harley and my cat Lilo but honestly, our family had a really difficult patch at the beginning bathing or clipping their nails. Most dogs and cats do not like their nails to be trimmed (fact!) However, it is nonetheless still important to maintain their nail health to prevent infections. Luckily, there are specific dog and cat nail clippers designed to make the whole process easier.
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Practice sitting your cat on your lap with nail clippers (and a treat or two). Take kitties paw and press gently on top and bottom in order to extend the claws.  Observe your cats reaction.  If kitty is calm, proceed with clipping one nail, then two, three, etc. – if s/he retreats the paw do not squeeze or try and hold it in place, this will only add to his/her caution.  Just be patient, and start over.  If it is extremely difficult for you to cut kitties claws then remember it’s okay to do, say, one paw per day.  It’s better to keep the trimming session calm, you do not want your cat to resent you if you try to force clipping his/her claws.
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When using a guillotine type nail trimmer, the cutting blade (outlined in yellow) should be facing you, not the cat. The screws on the trimmer should be facing the cat. The nail should be cut from top to bottom, not side to side. The tip of the nail is placed in the hole in the trimmer and the handles are squeezed to advance the cutting blade through the nail.
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The first 6 to 8 months the vet was the one that cut our cat’s nails but after watching some videos I decided to do it myself. We now use dremel-7300 and it’s a life saver! We also have a dog and he has no problem when we cut his nails but with the cat we needed some adjusting period since it’s a bit louder. After she got the hang of it we had no problems. We tried a lot of products and for us this was the best cat nail clippers we had. Granted, it’s a bit expensive, but when you think just how much it costs you to go to the vet and pay him do something you can do at home in minutes, you’ll see it’s worth every penny!

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