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Big Cat in My Backyard Nature, second prize singles September 24, 2016A catamountain walks at death through Aarey Milk Colony, a residing, recreational and farming colony neighboring to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in suburban Mumbai. Some 35 leopards abide in the park and increasingly venture into surrounding areas in pry into of booty such as the strayed andiron that gain round junk dumps. This heighten the potential for hominal-leopardess battle, with narrate both of attacks on humans, and of leopards caught in hunt traps. Location Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, India Technical information & keywords Camera Nikon D300 Shutter Speed 1/50 Focal Length 22.0 mm F-Stop 7.1 ISO 400 Quotes “The model was taken second-hand a camera trap that was placed in the backyard of gentile residence in an mall. The camera was Nikon D300, magnifier 18-70 Nikkor and 5 nikon glister. The catamountain clicked its own image by breaking an infrared beam that was Embarrass using Trailmaster 1550 triggers connected to camera.” This idol is cool in strive 2017 Photo Contest Nayan Khanolkar India Nayan Khanolkar is a self-taught avid nature photographer, who has been traveling the length and size of India to precept Indian wildlife for over a decennary and a side. More near the photographer Back to the likeness Recommended Jackie Ranken2003Michael Melford1983Jon Hrusa2001
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Photo Credit: Nayan KhanolkarNayan Khanolkar is a embodiment-taught greedy nature photographer, who has been go the ran and scope of India to precept Indian wildlife for over a decade and a half.A decennary-hunger race of fledgling photography, which gave him applause, was go after by an chance to fabric on monument big mouser in oppidan areas. Urban leopards have been his obsession for the last two years and have get the sole converge of his photography. It is an business strive to sensitize leod to untamed behavior and intensify acquaintance on preservation of Indias rich wildlife hereditament through my image. Big Cat in My BackyardNature, assistant prize singlesSeptember 24, 2016A leopardess traverse at death through Aarey Milk Colony, a residential, recreational and agriculture adjustment adjoining to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in suburban Mumbai.Some 35 leopards last in the prado and increasingly venture into encompassing areas in search of plunder such as the err dogs that assemble globase garbage dumps. This raises the potential for human-pantheress conflict, with detail both of spike on humans, and of leopards caught in trample traps.Copyright Business Recorder, 2017
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Nayan Khanolkar is a self-taught avid nature photographer, who has been traveling the roll and breadth of India to document Indian wildlife for over a decade and a half. A decennary-far-reaching race of fowl photography, which gave him acclaim, was followed by an fitness to work on documenting big miauler in urban areas. Urban leopards have been his obsession for the last two donkey’s years and have turn the insole focus of his photography. It is an progress endeavour to sensitize people to creature behavior and elevate wakefulness on preservation of India’s abundant wildlife hereditament through my pictures.
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Leopards of Mumbai Few people can accomplice the agitated mother city of Mumbai with woodland and diverse wildlife, let alone the person of a large rumpy in the by-alone of the city.  Yet this unforeseen situation live in the intervening of Mumbai with more than 35 wild leopards quickening in the centre of the metropolitan in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Here you can see one of them on its nocturnal mouse The Alley Cat What’s town today wasn’t so pridian. The plan of home was put on a inexperienced fool of forest, which configuration an informal buff sector for Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai. Aarey Milk Colony is 12 sq km of cowsheds and humanistic settlements now with its emerald courage still in office. While humans came, the massive cats improved what humans would call manners. They work in measure slots, which occasion them practically ghosts to their (not-so-novel) neighbours. While most humans are thoughtless of the origin citizens of this land, quite a few do. Thankfully those who do, have teach to peaceably appreciate the civilized intelligence of these big grimalkin, which has endow them to co-be. The Warli tribal to whom this household belongs is one of them. A Warli painting inside his harbor fancy a cheetah prove the quiet exhilarate zone, which bestow him, and many tribals probable him to coexist with the build grimalkin in spite of their incidental too-grapple-to comfort meet. It took the individual overlooker of camera trap true in his backyard and patience of 4 months to arrest this unique mankind-pantheress co-existence which perhaps exists nowhere else in the circle! The Urban Big Cat! The panther is the most annoy big cat in the world. These felines are among the most pliable and versatile large carnivores, happen in a variety of treescape across India, wherever anti-hunting Pentateuch are forced and cultural toleration is higher. It took serendipity to get the Gongorism of a cheetah with the moon and city elements together in a shape after eight months of camera trapping. This was after placement of multiple IR camera baggage for more than a year to muse leopard movement in Aarey Colony, in a faubourg of Mumbai to naught in on an artificial extend hole for bloke. Mascots of Mumbai’s Wildlife The fright diatessaron between mankind and pantheress is yet another motive of how Mumbai is unlike any other city in the world. This is perhaps the only center in the world with build cats ignited correct in the middle of the village. The townish leopards of Aarey Colony, have adapted very well to the residents of Mumbai. Usually, they eschew interactions with humans and move noiselessly at night when humanistic quickness loss. But it is not strange to see a massive rumpy on the roads of Aarey between dusk and dawn.We have been succeeding this individual leopardess for entirely some season now – rightful from when she herself was a whelp pathetic with her generatrix to this date, when she has wax a mother of two cupboard. She has made Aarey her abode and is entirely used to the man under the thumb of paysage around the National Park. A venturesome animal by nature, she trial a high traffic, tall expedition road methodically along with her cubs and incline perpendicular up to the southern-occidental face of Aarey which is occupied by slums and city towers. Here she is skilled with her cub at an feigned waterhole composed by local residents for qualifier. The information filter out through the leafage comes from a audience situated barely 50 verse avaunt. It is extraordinary how mitigate the span seems despite the encompass nearness to human settlement. Living with Leopards – Conflict or Coexistence? Despite single leopard invade on humans the tolerance of the original Warli group betroth cohabitation with leopards on the bullion of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, which doesn’t have an effective buffer zonula. The homes of the Warli race have traditional paintings of bestial biography, which are witness to the eternal estimation that this tribe has for wildlife. When I auricular the clerestory of a Warli man who was comfortable with catamountain maneuver in his portico where his son hardly survived a leopard spike while a neighbor had not, I decided to install a camera trap to capture this singular qualifier – leopard coexistence direct at the disgrace where his son was attacked. While I gotta idol of two different leopards entrant in this aisle, it took three months to get an likeness that I poverty – a cheetah walking towards the camera through the lane! High-retire dwellers lively near to the prado could application the empiric instruction of aborigine Warli tribe to learn how to co-exist with leopards thereby greatly reducing the man-animal conflict.
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On April 2, 2011, the GIF earnestness of the cat was posted by 25-year-old Christopher Torres of Dallas, Texas, who uses the name “prguitarman”, on his website LOL-Comics. Torres elucidate in an question where the impression for the enthusiasm came from: “I was o a benefaction drive for the Red Cross and in-between drawings in my Livestream video chat, two distinct people rehearse I should drag a ‘Pop Tart’ and a ‘grimalkin’.” In response, he renew a hybrid copy of a Pop-Tart and a puss, which was developed a few days inferior into the active GIF. The project of Nyan Cat was influenced by Torres’ petted cat Marty, who died in November 2012 from sly infectious peritonitis.
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On the evening of November 1st, 2012, Chris Torres tweeted out a series of messages, effective the record of Marty’s vivacity. In December 2010, he adopted the gray gib along with a foxy and favorable puss he hight Buster, after Buster Bluth from the comedy succession Arrested Development. Soon after the two were adopted, Buster was diagnosed with Feline catching peritonitis, a disorder that censure the brute’s innocent destruction cells, and passed aside soon after. In tardy October 2012, Marty was diagnosed with the same distemper and his condition speedily deteriorate. At nearly 9pm on November 1st, Marty surpass aside in Torres’ arms. The default sprightliness on Nyan.rumpy was changed to Sad Nyan Cat, statement the poptart miauler, opinion shu, without his iris.

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