[Early November 2012 – Mr. Max peeks into the house from the habitat] It was in the spring of 2007 when our beloved Mr. Spanky (A.K.A. Houdini) escaped once again; Cat Habitat is a boarding cattery in Christchurch N.Z. that has been designed with your cats comfort and well being in mind. The cattery has been set in a rural area of facing north with uninterrupted views to open pastures and tree lined grounds. Welcome to Habitat Haven – home of catios and cat enclosure kits Start creating the perfect Catio for your cat! Habitat Haven’s enclosures can be assembled in infinite combinations. Our modules are designed to mix and match to fit any space and budget. Give your kitty a breath of fresh air with the ABO Gear Happy Habitat, Fun Run & Kitty Compound. The safe way to bring your indoor cat into the great outdoors, this handy little compound provides over 30 square feet of fun in the sun, plus an attached tunnel that gives them new ways to explore. It Shop cat beds from Petco’s selection of heated cat beds, luxury styles & more to provide warmth, comfort & a cozy place for your kitty to snooze. .

Pets Habitat LLC, pet store / shop in Barsha, Dubai. Leading importer of live pets, pedigree pups, kittens, pet products and pet food in Dubai. pets products, pet supplies, pet store, cat / dog supplies Habitat Haven cat tunnel: ©Habitat Haven Take the ‘P’ from ‘Patio,’ substitute a ‘C’ and you get a suitably named Catio, an outdoor cat house.Catio is where indoor cats can hang out outside of their houses or apartments in an outdoor enclosure that safely keeps them in and predators out. Information about and pictures of cat enclosures, to provide safe outdoor time for cats. The PetSmart Cat Pharmacy offers medication online from top brands to treat anxiety, fleas and ticks, arthritis pain, allergies and other ailments in cats. .

Another Picture of outdoor cat habitat:

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