Stampy Cat Games. Garrett has signed a two-book deal with Egmont Publishing. Stampy’s Lovely Book was released on 22 October 2015; aimed at ages 4 to 10, it features games, activities, jokes and facts about Stampy Cat and some of his Vlogger friends. Stampy Cat: Stick with Stampy! was released on 28 July 2016; the 32 paged paperback features sticker-based activities, games, jokes and posters.
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Garrett’s YouTube channel is aimed at children, and his audience is largely 6 to 14-year-olds. As the character of Stampy Cat, an orange and white cat, Garrett tells stories within Minecraft and other games. He gives viewers ideas for activities to pursue with their friends. Garrett describes the character as “a bigger, brighter, better version” of himself. He receives correspondence from his viewers and thinks they see him as a friend, rather than “a presenter in a studio”. Other characters in the videos include iBallisticSquid, the YouTube name of Garrett’s friend David Spencer, and Sqaishey Quack, a duck character played by Garrett’s partner Bethany Bates. Jordan Shapiro of said that “he does a great job of bringing the positive aspects of Minecraft—the game’s educational potential—to the surface.” Caroline Knorr of Common Sense Media describes Stampy’s presentation as best for younger fans and that “Stampy feels a cross between Pee-Wee Herman and Mr. Rogers.”
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His YouTube channel has over six and a half million viewers, but it is unlikely you have ever heard of Joseph Garrett.The 24-year-old from Hampshire is the voice and creator of one of the internet’s biggest stars, Stampy Cat.The online feline leads players through the hugely popular video game Minecraft, building his own world and commentating as he goes.With an average of over 150 million views per month, his popularity has now sealed a book deal, with Joseph moving from screen to page with the release of Stampy’s Lovely Book.Here, Joseph and Stampy join fans Amber and Seth for a masterclass in Minecraft.
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Stampy’s Funland is where rides,attractions and crazy games are located and where him and his friends plays all day long. Building minigames, rides and attractions takes 2-3 days then they have a tester go to see if the game works. Then on the next video, Stampy and some of his friends will have a tournament to see who will be the champion of that. From the outside is a large sign that says “Stampys Funland” that was built in Episode 51- “A Bad Sign” and a colorful tunnel which houses the former Minecart Track.
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As the amount of episodes in his Minecraft series increased, the interest increased too. As the audience expanded, Stampy began to notice an increased proportion of younger viewers. At this point he had begun to move his video content onto the stampylonghead channel, so at the realisation that his viewers may be offended by the language and gameplay shown, he ceased all inappropriate activity. At this point his popularity and fame by his Minecraft videos reached a new height. Stampy had one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube, reaching 1000 subs a week.
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It can be accessed from Stampy’s House via either the Tree Train, that connects from his house to the Funland easily, or the Teleporter inside the Secret Base, which also has few Teleporters on the Funland. Stampy also wished few times to extend the Tree Train further inside the Funland, but he hasn’t started yet. It is also accessible by Pigs and Walking.
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The first ever game existed is the Golf Course, where his dog Gregory Jr. lives. Many days later he built the sign of the funland and since he added the games, rides and attractions existed today. It is also hinted that after Stampy finishes the funland which may be in 5 years or so he will build walls around it protecting the funland.
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News began to spread that an incredibly popular Youtuber had lost his channel for unknown reasons. Fans of Stampy posted their dissapointment and outrage on social networks, comments, blogs, etc. News sites featured bulletins of the growing bombardment that Google was getting of people demanding to know where their favourite orange and white cat had gone.
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The channel ‘Stampylonghead’ was created on 29th July 2011 as a side-channel for his vlogs and the console gameplay channel, stampylongnose. The first, and for a long time, the only series of videos uploaded on this channel were his main Minecraft series set in Stampy’s Lovely World (and other worlds).
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Since his side-channel did not obtain as many viewers as the more popular Stampylonghead channel, Stampy announced that the Minecraft series would switch back to the main channel. However, he was unable to go ahead with this change as he could only upload videos to a maximum length of 10 minutes on stampylongnose, thus rendering it impossible to transfer the series across.
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As the day stretched on, and there was still no word from Google, ‘#SaveStampy’ trended on Twitter, attracting the attention of thousands more people who had never even heard of Stampy. 4JStudios, Notch and The Yogscast are among the twitter users who gave their sympathy.
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Stampy’s only hope of bringing his channel back turned out to have worked. He asked to one of his friends and Youtubers, LDShadowLady, to pass the information to a member of Google which was a friend of hers, becoming his hero.
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Stampy also received two “Play button” plaques from YouTube. One was the Silver plaque for having 100,000 subscribers in 2013, and other was the Gold plaque for having 1,000,000 subscribers the following year.
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Garrett studied video production at university and initially intended to be a games journalist. His early YouTube work consisted of “Let’s Play” videos which he made for his own amusement. When he noticed that his primary audience was children, he reoriented his work to be family-friendly. When the videos became popular, Garrett left his job as a barman to focus on producing the content full-time.
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Joseph Garrett posted a Let’s Talk video about the updates for the main channel. The most drastic change that will happen is to end the tradition of “a Minecraft video every single day”, which already happened on 12th May 2017 when only a Lego Worlds video was released that day. This was done to improve the quality of the channel, to give way to other games, and to give him more personal time for other stuff (travel, family, etc.)

Stampy Cat Games

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