Pixabay Cats are awesome.Either you agree with that statement or you’re wrong.But, as much as we love them, cats can be strange, difficult and downright mystifying at times. People who inexplicably hate cats love to talk about how unfriendly they are, often comparing them to the slightly annoying enthusiasm ofContinue Reading

1 / 17 Cat Skin Problems If your cat’s dignified poses have given way to constant scratching and licking, a skin problem may be to blame. Cats are susceptible to skin infections, parasites, allergies, and many other conditions commonly seen in people. WebMD has compiled images of some of theContinue Reading

Runny Eyes In Cats. What Causes Watery Eyes in Cats? The first thing you need to do when you notice a cat watery eye is to look to see whether the eye is red or irritated. Irritated eyes are usually red and often painful to the cat. You may alsoContinue Reading

Funny Names For Cats

Funny Names For Cats – For many a pet owner, Max sounds mundane and Bailey is simply boring. In order to pay homage to those who take pride in their pets’ unconventional names, Nationwide pet insurance (formerly known as Veterinary Pet Insurance) set out for the ninth year in aContinue Reading

Eye Drops For Cats. Continued Eye Discharge Treatments Because so many conditions can lead to eye discharge in cats, you really need to talk to your veterinarian before trying any eye discharge treatments on your cat. Depending on what your veterinarian finds, treatment for cat eye discharge might include: FelineContinue Reading

Listen Have you ever seen a cat play with a toy filled with catnip? If you have, you’ve probably seen some really funny feline antics.Catnip is a fragrant plant from the mint family. Its scientific name is Nepeta cataria, and it’s sometimes called “catmint” or “catswort.”Native to Africa, Europe andContinue Reading

But is it safe to give Metacam liquid orally to cats? In Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and now Canada the Metacam label says it is safe for use in cats. In the US and Canada, the only form of Metacam that is officially safe for use in cats isContinue Reading

Fiv In Cats Life Expectancy. FIV infection sometimes leads to gingivitis, painful inflammation of the gums. Some antiviral therapies have been shown to help FIV-infected cats suffering from inflammatino of the gums (gingivitis) and mouth (stomatitis). If your cat goes outdoors unsupervised or lives with other cats that might beContinue Reading

Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists, LLC2409 Omro RoadOshkosh, WI 54904-7713233-8409www.mypetsdentist.com Feline Stomatitis What is the “stoma” and what does stomatitis degraded? A stoma is an aperture. In baudrons, we refer to the stoma as the oral well or mouth. Stomatitis is a prevalent term that refers to inflammation ofContinue Reading

I love growing plants indoors, and I have a large collection of house plants. I also have two cats, including one very curious little lady who loves my plants as much as I do (maybe more!). So, it’s a huge relief feeling confident that the plants I’m growing in my houseContinue Reading