* Flexible rubber mat easily, effectively catches litter before it ends up on the floor * Soft, comfortable mat fibers help dislodge attached litter and keep paws clean * Also catches waste messes – use one or multiple mats * Easy-to-clean So Phresh Half-Moon Litter Trapper Mat comes in assortedContinue Reading

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Sometimes I have a dream I am surrounded by cats. Fluffy, adorable kitties everywhere! But it quickly turns into a nightmare. No—no! Not the litter boxes! If you have multiple cats, you know the struggle of constantly cleaning up after them, whether it’s cat food on the floor, hair onContinue Reading

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Estimated Processing Time: 3-7 Business Days Say hello to the completely reimagined Litter-Robot III Open Air. An expansive litter chamber and larger, upward-facing entryway give the Litter-Robot III that open-air feel, making it much more inviting and comfortable for large cats. An improved, self-adjusting weight sensor can easily detect bothContinue Reading

I've used other expensive cat litter brands, but returned to using Special Kitty Scoopable/Clumping Cat Litter a year ago; this brand is slightly different from Special Kitty Scoopable/Clumping Litter, however although it's sold at Walmart, I didn't see the particular brand that I use on their website. It's AMAZING andContinue Reading

X Large Cat Litter Box

X Large Cat Litter Box. Cat Litter Boxes Litter boxes are a big part of your cat’s daily routine — and yours — so it’s important to find one that suits you both. Consider the size and location of the box and whether your kitty prefers a hooded or openContinue Reading

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Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box. Do the cats have to go in wet Granules? The CatGenie completely dries the Granules so cats have a dry litter-like bed to do their business in comfort. Is the CatGenie noisy during the washing process? Of the less than 30-minute process, 26 minutesContinue Reading

The thing with litter is, there are so many different kinds of kitty litter and they all come with their own host of warnings, costs and environmental issues.  So after months of contemplation, we decided to give some other litter types a whirl.  We purchased a small package of FelineContinue Reading

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Do you have a multiple cat household? Are you overwhelmed with the number of conventional litter boxes in your home? The Humane Society and other sources suggest having 1.5 litter boxes per cat. That means three litter boxes for two cats and five litter boxes for three! Think about allContinue Reading

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Cat Litterbox concealers are a stylish and ingenious way to hide your cat’s unsightly litter box. Many of our cat furniture litter box hiders are quality pieces of handcrafted wood furniture, allowing the once-ugly cat litterbox to now be hidden away and blend nicely into your decor in a decorativeContinue Reading

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Petco Cat Litter. Made from all-natural ingredients, such as renewable whole-kernel corn, World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula is the formula that works-naturally and without the use of added chemicals. This quick-clumping litter provides you with exceptional odor control by instantly trapping and absorbing urine and ammonia as well asContinue Reading