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Ciao lived on an ordinary street in an ordinary town. But she wasn’t your average, loll-around-the-house cat. Ciao had big dreams of one day discovering the very tastiest feline treats in the world. So after packing a light snack and texting “ciao for now” to her friends, she set offContinue Reading

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Shelly of Elyria, OH on Feb. 17, 2017Satisfaction RatingWe have been feeding our cats Temptations for years with no problems till recently when I noticed one of our cats, (a female) threw up 20 minutes after eating her treats. Which is highly unusual for her. There was one day priorContinue Reading

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DescriptionIt’s now easier than ever to provide your cat with the L-Lysine supplement he or she needs. 5 of these tasty, poultry-flavored treats contains 250mg. L-Lysine treats make it simple to accurately provide the appropriate dose of L-Lysine for your cat. Enisyl-F Lysine Treats are a palatable source of L-Lysine.Continue Reading