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Just like how we get bored when we stay home with nothing to do, cats also get bored when they are left alone at home. Sure, there are toys to play with and food to eat, but what cats do in their leisure time is jumping on trees and staying high above everything else. However, at home this may not be possible due to trophies or albums that sit on your shelves or no high locations existing at all. This is the perfect scenario where a cat tree comes in handy. These “trees” aren’t made of trees or are made of live ones since they will be a hassle to take care of, but made of common house materials such as carpet, in good quality and build. These trees or cat mansions usually contain holes, scratch pads, and safety precautions, so that it can simulate a real tree. There are many types of trees available to fit every pet owner, such as cat trees for fat cats, big cats, kittens, etc. Since there are a lot of these available, do your pet a favor and get one of these so that when you leave them alone at home while you go to work or school, they have somewhere to play and stay. Would you like it if you were left in a room with boring furniture and nothing to do? What to Look For There are several things that you should look for when purchasing a cat tree, as there are many factors that are involved to choose the perfect one for your home, situation, and pet. Height & Weight Limits You should look at the height of the structure and the weight it can support. Normally, the higher the better, but some cats may be too afraid to go too high and may not be able to come down itself. So make sure to choose the right height for your pet. Each tree will also have a weight limit so be sure to weigh your cat and choose accordingly, or the structure might break down and fall if your pet is over the designated weight. Sturdiness When looking at the sturdiness of the tree, it normally depends on the quality. To get the best sturdiness possible, then getting an expensive model might be your best choice. However, we have done the guesswork and will suggest to you the most sturdy ones, so that your pet can stay safe while staying high above ground without the possibility of getting hurt by the wobbling of the tree. Size The size of the tree only comes into consideration if you want your pet to have a bit more large of an area to play on or if you have multiple cats that will use the tree. Normally, single cat trees will cost a lot less than the ones that are meant for multiple cats. So, if you see a tree that are a lot more expensive than the others, then expect it to be for multiple cats as it takes a lot more to build a cat tree for multiple cats than for just one. Features Some features that these products have is: scratch pads, jump pads, sleep locations, and more. Since you may pay extra for features that you know your pet will never use, see if the features it contains are the features that you will actually use. Reviews Since you now know what to look for and what a cat tree is used for, we will now show you some reviews and our opinions on several products so that you know which ones to buy and which ones to skip. Most products on our list is considerably high quality and will last a long time, so if you hate guessing and trying out products to find the best ones, use our recommendations instead. The products below are single cat trees which may also be suitable for several small kittens to use as well. However, we don’t recommend that you use it with several large cats, as it won’t be able to hold them or support them due to their size. 1.) Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Beige We recommend this product over all the others because of a few factors. The first is primarily due to its low price. Compared to the others on the list, this product is the best budget cat tree because it comes at an affordable price while still offering the quality and features that a more expensive tree would come in. This product is also quite tall as well which is another factor that we used to consider the rankings because at this price, you can expect the product to be not as tall when comparing to other products at this price range. If you are looking for a tree that is cheap, good quality, and is decently tall, then we recommend that you get this one for your pet. 2.) Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo (Small – Budget) This product is meant for a single cat due to its compact size and the way it is designed. If your cats are fairly small, it may be able to hold up to three small kittens, so see it for yourself on the right image to see if you can hold your kittens if they are small enough. As a 57 inch product, it is fairly tall for a single cat tree, making it a good buy if you want the best for your pet. However, this one is quite on the expensive side for a one pet with exceptions. This product comes with a scratch pad which doesn’t come in all products, only the quality ones, and can be used for a variety of uses such as exercising and climbing. As the overall look of this product looks great in any room, it is highly recommended that you get this product if you care about quality and looks of the product. 3.) Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo (Large – Luxury) This product is recommended for those looking for a “luxury” tree for their beloved cats. Imagine a motel compared to a luxury five-star hotel. This one is the luxury of the luxury. If you want the best for your pet and want to make it look good in your room while doing so, then this one is for you. As it can fit around three large cats, it isn’t expensive for no reason. It also has many scratch pads and also is made of pressed wood which makes it a sturdy and durable product. Although it is a bit expensive, it is definitely recommended if you are okay with paying a bit more upfront for a worthy buy that will last a long time and keep your room looking great. Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats These trees below are built to hold multiple cats instead of one. Because of this, they are generally taller, large in width, and also has a lot more obstacles and play areas. They include multiple sleeping condos and scratch pads to be compatible with more than one cat. However, they are a bit more expensive, but it shouldn’t be a big issue since more cats can use it. 1.) Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Another one of Go Pet Club products, but great for use if you are looking for a durable, affordable, quality product. This cat tree is meant for multiple cats, so you should get this one if you have more than one cat. As it has space for up to 3 cats, we don’t recommend that you purchase it if you have one or more than three cats, as it will crowd up the tree. It is decently tall (62 in) and should be great for most homes. This product is also fairly easy to install, which makes it a good buy for even those who hate or are bad at constructing, since all the tools will be included. As a quality product, it comes with fur that covers the panels and natural materials covering the posts, so that your cats feel right at home. 2.) Lolipet Cat Tree with Scratching Post Even thought this tree was built for one cat, we recommend that you use it with at least two because it can easily fit both due to the amount of structures this product has built-in. As it also comes with several toys on the side, it is the ultimate buy for those looking for a on-off purchase that includes everything they will need. It isn’t as tall, so the fearless cats won’t really like this product as much, but it can be made up due to the amount of extras  this product comes with such as the scratch post and the amount of platforms it can jump to and from. Imagine that your cat is a little girl and this cat tree is a beautiful dollhouse. This is exactly the scenario with this product, as it will delight your cat. 3.) Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 We promise, this is the last Go Pet Club branded tree, but we had to include this one as it is one of the best cat tree for multiple cats. It has room for around three large cats and room for five small cats, making it a good choice for anyone who has multiple cats. This product also features several different differences from the others which makes it better than the others. These features include having 10 posts that are covered in scratch-able rope, which all cats love, and being made of material that looks great on any wall. As it also has many different perches and condos, there is space for everyone to sleep and play on! It also comes with two extra toy mice for your cats to stay busy. We highly recommend this product over any others if you have multiple cats, as we sure think it is one of the best!

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