We give Wellness Cat Food five stars for its natural, nutritious ingredients. All of the formulas use some form of healthy meat as the main ingredient. The company claims that the meats used in the food have not had hormones or steroids added to them. Wellness is voluntarily recalling a small amount of their canned cat foods from retailers’ shelves. According to the company’s website, “keeping your trust in our brand is so important to us, and so we wanted to let you and our retailers know right away. Since the products may not have been Our Quality team learned that a foreign material was found in non-WellPet products made in the same facility, and so we are taking this conservative step to ensure the well-being of cats and to put our consumers’ minds at ease. From the Wellness website: Keeping your trust in our brand is so Choose from a variety of delicious Wellness recipes that bring together carefully sourced, natural ingredients with rich nutrients and antioxidants. Wellness Cat Food Coupons Our Picks for Wellness Cat Food Coupons, Discounts & Deals for Apr. 11, 2018 . Store, Manufacturer’s and Printable Coupons Wellness Complete Health Natural Small Breed Turkey and Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food .

We have the best, most complete list of cat food recalls. Fully updated for 2017-2018. Buy cat health & wellness products for problems like cat tick collars & cat de-wormers. These products from Petco s collections will keep your cat healthy & fit. Who Makes Wellness Dog Food? The Wellness brand of dog food is made by WellPet, LLC.The company was founded in 1926 as the Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuit company but was sold to Jim Scott, Sr. in 1961. Buy your dog something special with Wellness dog food from Pets At Home. With Wellness being at the core, nutrition and wellbeing is ensured for your dog .

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