Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?

Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?. Comet We all know that they like to chase the laser pointer and run their own assholes. But we have a lot of things we don’t know about our cute beard friends. For example, where did their lovely domestic cat ancestors come from, how did they evolve from wildlife? We usually think that early historical evidence shows that domestic cats come from ancient Egypt. Such as the art of murals 4000 years ago and the cat made of mummy But now some clues point to the home to start earlier. From other places on the planet The oldest estimate we found was the skull of a domestic cat. An island from the Mediterranean called Cyprus Scientists speculate that the cat lived from a historical point of view about 9500 years ago.

That was after people started farming in the new moon, one of the birthplaces of ancient civilizations. That is not exactly a desert area between West Asia and North Africa. Farming means you have to store extra crops somewhere And a bunch of delicious cereals that attract rodents For hungry cats, rodents are like self-service food. So one guess is that wild cats come to catch some food. And gradually close to humans Humans are also very happy with them because the cats handle the mice and the furry is very cute.

By this time we believe that humans have domesticated other animals such as dogs and cattle. So adding a hair friend is not too strange. And we think that cats from Cyprus are pets for the following reasons First of all, Cyprus is an island and there is no native cat species, so it must be Someone brought by boat Then if they don’t have a trace of docility, it will cause confusion in the panic of animals. Just as you may know how hard it is to bring a bad comet to see a veterinarian. Still have to bring it back In addition, this cat is buried with a person and is probably the owner of the owner and surrounded by carved shells. Wild animals cannot get these special treatments and if the cat is food Its bones are more likely to be scattered All of this evidence is published in a scientific journal in 2007 along with a study.

That is to trace the genetic origin of the domestic cat The researchers found that our cat friends have a recent relationship with wild cats/spotted cats. Specifically, near East Asian species Use your eyes if you look at the cat as proof of sight This cat looks too much like a domestic cat. So many signs show that domestic cats are split from their wild cat relatives in the Crescent Moon. But wait a moment Other scientists discovered in 2001 that it is likely to be the bone of a domestic cat.


In an ancient village of cultivated millet in central China Recent computer analysis of the shape of the humerus These cats have nothing to do with wild cats. Instead, they are a leopard cat, a completely different gene. From small animal caves to archaeological excavations to seemingly to store grain in clay pots The researchers are sure that the village has a problem with rodents. And by looking at the carbon isotope in the cat’s bones It is very obvious that they have eaten many small animals. Those small animals have eaten a lot of human-grown millet. This is the first evidence Support “cats catch mice that eat food and become domestic cats” But this domestication took place in different species of cats about 5,300 years ago.

On the other side of this huge land So what is the most true story? Domestication of cats in the Middle East or in China Ok, when people start to cultivate grain There is no reason to domesticate that can’t happen on two different types of cats in different places. But remember? Genetically, all modern cats are descendants of wild cats/class cats rather than leopard cats. Maybe the domesticated wild cat just went closer and won our love a little. Look at the domestication of the animal’s genes also left a footprint So even though any shovel officer laughs that his cat is too independent and not domesticated. But we can look at the genetic footprint of these genes.

In 2014, a group of American universities launched a collaboration to investigate the domestic cat gene pool. Using 22 different breed cats from different places The study found that recent genetic changes come from the part that controls the development of the nervous system in cats. These genes may play a role in the behavior of domestic cats, such as domestic cats. Less defensive behavior for new environmental stimuli may change their behavior in response to rewards In other words, it is more likely to compare wild cats/cats. Friendly to use your head to call you to get up and beg for snacks These can explain why our cats are especially close to humans and get along well with humans. Helps catch mice to eat leftovers and survive Passing their genes So to some extent, the comet is domesticating itself. And it seems that they have done this more than once. That is to say, the cat piece that is flourishing is unstoppable. Thank you for watching this episode of Science Show is also the credit of our sponsors on Patreon.

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Where Do Domestic Cats Come From?