A common misconception is that all White Cats With Blue Eyes are deaf. It is possible to have a cat with a naturally white coat without this gene, Shop for white cat blue eyes on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. 8 Types of Cats with Blue Eyes Blue peepers can be found in a number of cat breeds, especially those with white fur or pointed markings. Find great deals on eBay for White Cats With Blue Eyes. Shop with confidence. 6 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes. the top layer of the blue-eyed cat’s iris is not covered in another color, “Like all color-points they’re born white, Eye colour in cats can vary greatly from shades of yellow and green (golden, amber, hazel, orange, etc) to blue. Generally speaking, it’s not the breed but the colour and pattern that affect the eye pigmentation: blue eyes are common in predominantly (solid) white cats and in cats with pointed markings. .

White cats have long been loved for their pristine beauty. Their snow-white brilliance, often coupled with blue, green, golden, or “odd” eyes makes them stand out among multi-colored cats, such as tabbies, calicoes, and tortoiseshells. The odd-eyed coloring is caused when either the epistatic (dominant) white gene (which masks any other color genes and turns a cat completely white) or the white spotting gene (which is the gene responsible for bicolor and tuxedo cats) prevents melanin granules from reaching one eye during development, resulting in a cat with one blue eye and Names for White Cats With Blue Eyes. Just browse Names for white cats with blue eyes or filter the names by part of the names, we hope you get your perfect cat name here. .

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