Why Do Cats Love Boxes

One long-suffering rule of cat ownership is the more you pay for something, the less interested in it your cat will be. Automatic laser-pointer toy? She’ll have the cap from the milk jug, thanks. What are we to make of the strange gravitational pull that empty boxes have on cats? Why Do Cats Love Boxes? Scientists say it could be predatory behaviour – or they may just want you to leave them alone. Cats prefer boxes because the enclosed space makes them feel secure Why do cats like boxes? It’s one of those age-old questions. Share your living space with a cat for even a short length of time and you’ll quickly begin to doubt everything you’ve ever been taught about mass and volume. If given the opportunity, a reasonably sized cat will somehow compress If you have experienced this scenario and wondered why does my cat roll in bleach? Are they having some kind of strange reaction? You are not alone. Why Do Cats Hate Dogs? We’ve Got Some Answers (and Advice!) Cats and dogs are both beloved pets. So, why do cats hate dogs? Let’s take a look and see some advice to help them get along. .

Do Cats Need Other Cats or Would They Rather Be Alone? There’s a misconception that cats are curmudgeons who don’t make friends with other cats. Boy, we cat lovers love our cats!Sometimes, to the point of an obsession! We watch their every move and want to understand just what they are doing and why. Are cats better than dogs? Check out ten reasons why cats are better than dogs and decide for yourself. Sometimes owning a cat or dog comes with a few negative aspects. You may know you have some pet allergies when you bring your cat or dog home, or it may be an unpleasant surprise that you need to deal with. .

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