Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? And are they truly sleeping, or just resting? Do they dream? Is cat snoring normal? Read on for facts about sleeping cats. Cats have the reputation for being aloof, and although it’s not an accurate assessment, some of that interpretation comes from the fact that cats are known for sleeping much of the day. Some people even label cats as lazy because sleeping takes up about two-thirds of their lives. Referring to cats as lazy is about as far from the truth as you can get. Domesticated cats are seldom accused of overexertion. The life of a house cat basically consists of four activities: playing, ruining upholstered furniture, So what are we to make of the strange gravitational pull that empty Amazon packaging exerts on Felis sylvestris catus?Like many other really weird things cats do, science hasn’t fully cracked this particular feline mystery.There’s the obvious predation advantage a box affords: Cats are ambush predators, and boxes provide great hiding places to stalk prey from (and retreat to). If you have experienced this scenario and wondered why does my cat roll in bleach? Are they having some kind of strange reaction? You are not alone. You’re minding your business when your cat comes up and rubs his face on yours. What does cat face rubbing mean? Why do cats rub their faces on you? .

Veterinarian Paul Miller of the University of Wisconsin-Madison explains. The inner eyelid of cats–more properly called the palpebra tertia but also known as the nictitating membrane, third eyelid or “haw”–has been regarded by some as a biological curiosity much like the human appendix or wisdom teeth. In fact, some veterinary articles in the early 1900s describe methods for removing this From the supernatural premonitions recounted in religious scriptures to Sigmund Freud’s theory of the unconscious, from the simplest bedtime stories we tell our children to the countless sophisticated depictions in literature and cinema, sleep has long beguiled our imagination. Today, journalists an We love to hear our cats purr. There is nothing better than a cat curled up on your lap, satisfied and happy, but have you ever wondered just how cats purr and why they do it? Why DO cats love boxes? Scientists say it could be predatory behaviour – or they may just want you to leave them alone. Cats prefer boxes because the enclosed space makes them feel secure .

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