Anesthesia for Cats November 19, 2008 The word anesthesia comes from the Greek meaning “lack of sensation”. Anesthesia is accomplished by administering drugs that depress nerve function. With general anesthesia, the patient is made unconscious for a short period. During this unconscious state, there is muscular relaxation and a completeContinue Reading

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How to Operate the QuickFinder Before clipping, examine feet and nails for signs of injury. Feet and nails should be free of injury and dry before proceeding with nail clipping. To power the clipper, slightly squeeze the handles together until the red light only is illuminated (continue to keep handlesContinue Reading

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So far, so good. Now comes the real problem: unowned cats, which include strays and ferals. Born in the wild or abandoned, feral cats spend almost no time with humans; they’re basically wild animals. Stray cats, by contrast, often have a working relationship with humans. They might live in managedContinue Reading

SkyHouse® Orlando is a new high-rise apartment community in the heart of downtown Orlando. Rent from studio, one, two or three bedroom apartments today! City View’s downtown Orlando apartment homes offer Bohemian style and metropolitan convenience in an urban center alive with rhythm & activity, shops & cafés, all intertwinedContinue Reading