Cat breeders referral with pedigreed breeders directory, breeders with cats and kittens for sale indexed by cat breed and cat breeders name. Cumbrescoons Cattery has produced Maine Coon cats and kittens for over 10 years, CFA and TICA winners. Originally begun in Colorado (now in Pennsylvania) our well socialized, under-footContinue Reading

Flea medicine for cats contains ingredients like fipronil and methoprene which kill adult fleas, and flea eggs and larvae. Frontline Plus flea and tick treatment for cats kills fleas, ticks, chewing lice, and flea eggs and larvae that can transmit Lyme disease. Product Features Flea, flea egg, lice, and tickContinue Reading

Compare the different aspects of Frontline vs Advantage. You’ll learn what you need to know to decide which one is best for your feline. Pet owners have been relying on Advantage products for top notch parasite control for many years. Some may wonder how Advantage II compares with first generati‚ĶContinue Reading

Cat diarrhea & vomiting is an unfortunate but common part of pet ownership. In this article we discuss ideal diet & some dos & don’ts for treating Cat diarrhea & vomiting Vomiting black bile major causes, triggers, remedies and available treatment options. Are you a new cat parent, or lookingContinue Reading

Why would anyone want to create felines that glow in the dark? Find out how this technology may lead to cures for diseases, and see some luminous cats. Create a winter wonderland in your home with these pretty glow-in-the-dark snowflakes. Set includes 20 beautifully designed snowflakes that cling to flatContinue Reading

Cat breeds: Browse our list of 43 cat breeds to find the perfect cat breed for you, and then find adoptable cats close to you. List and links to all recognized CFA breeds. CFA Breeds . CFA currently recognizes 42 pedigreed breeds for showing in the Championship Class. The followingContinue Reading

Dog breeds with unusual physical or behavioral characteristics. Rare and strange dog breeds from around the world. This unusual breed of cat is easily recognized by the distinct curling back of its ears to as far as a 90 degree angle. It takes a kitten’s ears seven days to beginContinue Reading

During the first 24-48 hours you may use neosporin. After 24-48 hours you would want to keep the stiches dry. It would not be good to use any medication meant for a dog on acat, it would be too strong for a cat. Frontline Plus is aninsecticide and should beContinue Reading

How to Care for a Christmas Cactus. A beautiful holiday plant (botanically known as Schlumbergera or Zygocactus), the Christmas Cactus unsurprisingly blooms at Christmas and also sometimes around Easter time if cared for properly. The Christmas Cactus is an amazing attention grabbing sight when it’s in flower, which is normallyContinue Reading

How long do cats live? How long do indoor cats live? What about the life expectancy for an outdoor cat? Let’s talk about Cat Lifespan here. When Rags was around 14 years old, I remember Googling what the average lifespan of a Ragdoll cat was. I found that it wasContinue Reading