Ruddy red blue and fawn. My name is jean papo.

Breed Profile The Abyssinian

A cat named zula was transported from abyssinia to england at the end of the abyssinian war in 1868 but whether zula was an abyssinian is subject to debate.

Abyssinian cat breeders. This slender short haired breed is distinguished by its coat pattern which is ticked in the manner associated with wild cats. Located in plattekill new york. Weve spent hours researching to find all of the different abyssinian cat breeders in new york and you can find our full list below.

Abytopia abyssinians is a cfa registered hobby cattery involved with breeding and showing happy healthy beautiful abyssinian kittens and cats. The abyssinian personality is friendly outgoing interactive and inquisitive sometimes dangerously so. Finding a quality abyssinian cat breeder near you can be a difficult task thats why weve created our abyssinian cat breeder database.

The abyssinian is a very active playful and inquisitive breed with a high intelligence and engaging personality. They usually have gold or light brown eyes. Note not all have supplied e mail addresses.

Please contact the kitten list holder our secretary mrs carole jones for information on kittens currently available or contact breeders directly. It is alleged that british soldiers deployed to north africa in the nineteenth century returned home with kittens purchased from local traders. Finding a abyssinian cat breeder in new york can be difficult but weve done all of the hard work for you.

Information given is the breeders name prefix breed numbers of colours bred and contact details. The abyssinian is a slender fine boned medium sized cat. We have all of the information you need to know about abyssinian breeders including website url contact information facebook page memberships to associations and more.

Abyssinian kittens for sale abyssinian cat breeders. This slender shorthaired medium sized cat comes in several different colors. Unkamen abyssinians abyssinian kittens as pets raised in loving home environment committed to health temperament and beauty specializing in the uncommon colors of blue and fawn.

The abyssinian cat is a very active playful and inquisitive breed. As described in the abyssinian breeders international kitten buyers guide by carolyn osier abyssinians must be one of the most intelligent animals ever created this handbook for the potential aby owner describes these cats as a very people oriented cat. Ruddy is the usual color.

The illustration of zula shows a cat with very small ears and a head type unlike a typical abyssinian. The abyssinian cat as it is known today was bred in great britain.

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