A long lean majestic cat partially derived from jungle origins many centuries ago the chausie pronounced chow see is a domestic breed that has the stunning looks of a wild cougar. If youre in the market for a pet cat just make sure it meows and doesnt roar like theContinue Reading

The egyptian mau is a very rare elegant and quite extraordinary cat. An introduction to the abyssinian breed. Abyssinian Information Characteristics Facts Names Land on catnip and collect everything in the center of the board. Abyssinian cat price. Limited registered great pyrenees that are raised as pets are priced fromContinue Reading

Genetic research has shown that the domestic cats ancestor the african wild cat felis silvestris lybica was domesticated for rodent control about 9000 years ago in the near east when tribes transitioned from hunter gathering to crop farming and. A map of the places of origin of the cat breeds.Continue Reading

The abyssinian is often a colorful cat with a distinctly ticked coat medium in size and regal in appearance. Australias first pedigreed cat is part abyssinian. Abyssinian Cat Breed Facts And Personality Traits Hill S Pet This cat rare outside the united states is medium to large in. Abyssinian catContinue Reading

Here you will find a complete list of all the catteries we have located in massachusetts as well as links to their website and any contact information that we have for them. When you find a breeder that you are interested in simply use our form to contact them toContinue Reading

Submit a photo photo credits. The overall impression of the somali is that of a well proportioned medium to large cat firm muscular development lithe showing an alert lively interest in all surroundings with an even disposition and easy to handle. Pets For Adoption At Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue In AlpharettaContinue Reading

Locate cat breeders in an area near you. Click on the links above to find cats kittens for sale. Abyssinian Kittens For Sale By Reputable Breeders Pets4you Com First choose the cat breed you want to see post for then click the click here to read posts button which willContinue Reading

Locate cat breeders with british shorthair exotic shorthair munchkin ragdoll and siamese kittens for sale with possible cat colors chocolate lilac chocolate tortoiseshell lilac cream chocolate white bicolor lilac white bicolor chocolate tabby lilac tabby chocolate lynx point lilac lynx point chocolate tortie point lilac cream point chocolate smoke lilacContinue Reading

The bombay breed is exclusively black. These range from turkish van pattern color on the crown of the head and the tail only through to solid color with a throat locket. Abyssinian Cat Portrait Black And White Wall Tapestry By K9printart Savannah richmond hill ga listing expired hope he foundContinue Reading

The ragdoll is a pointed breed which means that the body is lighter in color than the points the face legs tail and ears. The overall impression of the somali is that of a well proportioned medium to large cat firm muscular development lithe showing an alert lively interest inContinue Reading

An informative insight into the world of pedigreed cats with breeder search breed profiles top cat photos cat show schedule health articles. Whether youre trying to decide which cat is right for you or just want to know more about them our guide to the championship breeds recognized by notableContinue Reading