Feline Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatments, Prevention, and Diet Tips. Will I have to test my cat’s blood every day and give her shots ? A: A growing epidemic amongst our pets, recognizing and spreading awareness about diabetes in dogs and cats is vital to helping pet owners spot and treat the disorder early. #10 Increased Thirst Drinking more water than usual, known as polydipsia, is an early warning sign of diabetes. Cat Diabetes is a fairly common condition of many cats. My clients are sometimes surprised to hear that a cat can develop diabetes. It comes down again to the fact that cats have almost all of the same organs we do and if they malfunction, our kitties develop the same diseases we do. Your first vet visit: diagnosing feline diabetes. Your veterinarian can diagnose diabetes with a simple, in-office physical examination of the cat and laboratory tests, which will determine if there is an abnormally high level of sugar in the bloodstream and urine. You were just told your pet has diabetes. If your cat is otherwise healthy, the cat does NOT have to be hospitalized to be “regulated.” My living room smelled like cat pee because one of my feline companions was peeing in our bean bag. Does one of my cats have diabetes? .


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