“Click here to view animals for adoption at Texas Bengal and Exotic Cat Rescue.” ♥ RESCUE ME! ♥ ۬ One of the largest rescue centers in the United States for exotic felines, the EFRC features nearly 200 big cats from eight species. Big Cat Rescue’s Exotic Cat Standards For general Sanctuary Standards click HERE.The Felid family definitions for the purpose of this Meet the Cats of Big Cat Rescue. or see general facts, photos and videos of all exotic cat species. Click on the wild cats’ names below to see their photos, bios and videos, or just click the Play buttons to hear their stories. SPONSOR A CAT. I SUPPORT… those who volunteer their time for animals; those who save and rescue animals; those who have created sanctuaries; those who have become a voice for animals The Exotic Cat Club in the UK aims to promote the interests and to advise on the breeding, exhibiting and welfare of the Exotic Cat and is affiliated to the GCCF .

A non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the world’s endangered felines. Home to over 70 cats, representing 19 species. Large, diverse collections of the Northern Chinese and Amur subspecies of leopards. “Click here now to view all Arizona Cat Rescue Groups and Cat Shelters.” ― ♥ RESCUE SHELTER NETWORK ♥ ۬ Of the 700+ cats that our rescue places per year, a great majority are Persians. People often wonder how we get so many of these wonderful cats, especially because they are known for their sweet nature and charming personalities. Exotic Feline Rescue Center . 2221 E. Ashboro Road Centerpoint, IN United States 47840 . Click on our aerial view for a direct link to Mapquest! .

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