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Nocoatkitty offers beautiful sphynx cats and hairless kittens for sale. Show quality TICA/CFA sphynx available in all colors including blue eyes. Our hairless cats are top quality with amazing temperament.  We have sphynx of all colors including black sphynx, blue sphynx, tuxedo sphynx, sea Siberian cats and Siberian kittens with hypoallergenic fur for sale, from a Siberian Cat Breeder, California, www.siberiancatscalifornia.com She used to regularly share pictures of her Sphynx cats Dobbi and Hagrid on Instagram when she first adopted them, but they haven’t been seen in months. And Katie Price has shocked fans by placing an advert for her hairless kitties on social media, revealing that she is selling them for £1300 each Bengal cats for sale had taken on a new meaning in the UK in early 2007, when they were being targeted by criminal gangs, stolen and sold back to their owners for £1,000 to £100,000. .

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