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How Much Does A Bengal Cat Cost. If you want to buy a Bengal cat, a little information will come in handy prior to purchasing one. If you do decide to buy one, and you’ve never owned one before, I’d certainly recommend that you inform yourself as to what to look for in a kitten and certainly visit at least three different Bengal breeders. No Bengal breeder should part with a kitten before it’s 13 weeks of age. All Bengal kittens should be feeding well on solids and litter trained. Also check the pedigree and make sure your Bengal kitten’s correctly registered with the GCCF. Further, all reputable breeders will ensure that their kittens are vaccinated, wormed, and temporarily insured. Personally, as a Bengal cat owner of some years, I have no problem recommending anyone to think about Bengals as a future pet. But – do your homework first.
how much does a bengal cat cost 1

A Bengal cat price can range from *£300 upwards, for what would be termed a ‘pet quality’ Bengal. For a show quality, expect to pay in excess of £600 and above. Most Bengal breeders that I’ve encountered in the last 12 years of Bengal ownership will also sell breed quality, though you can expect the price to rise very steeply if that’s what you’re after. Bengal cats are, for the main, very happy members of the feline family. They are notoriously playful and love nothing better than to pass their time amusing themselves. I’ve yet to meet one that doesn’t play with water for example. Indeed one of mine rather enjoyed swimming in a neighbour’s pond. And rarely came home without a fish. *A rough £ to $ conversion will give roughly the US price. Personality
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My wife was sold on a Bengal for a year . I finally agreed to see about one. so we go to this backwoods cat breeder. He had a huge room of his house filled with cats,mostly Bengal types. He kept showing us the one we picked out and some how got across to my wife if the cat was not sold soon he would kill her for cat food. So after 45 minutes with this nut we buy the cat. Do not recall the price,I did think it was high but We could then stop hunting cats! All well until she older and got her own mind. My wife was ready to whip her out the door. Now I grew up on a farm in Wis around a lot of different animals. I knew this cat would all right with some patience. So it went. The cat matured beautiful. She is the most precious I have every seen.loves to cuddle ,play on her terms. she sleeps cuddeled with my wife. me she puts up with if she has to or is lonesome. It took a lot of Patience. I do not believe in spanking this cat. I say no once, and she behaves,most of the time. Would not give her up for 10 Angora cats ,or exotic breeds. Again no purpose is gained spanking or beating ,abusing this type of cat.
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The Bengal cat is still considered a relatively new breed of domestic cat. Many have heard of the breed and are curious regarding its characteristics and breeding, especially because Bengal cats are not cheap cats to buy. Indeed, you can pay thousands of pounds for a Bengal—and before you part with your money, you are best advised to know what it is you are paying for. Basic Facts About Bengal Cats
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A Bengal cat price can range from *£300 upwards, for what would be termed a ‘pet quality’ Bengal. For a show quality, expect to pay in excess of £600 and above. Most Bengal breeders that I’ve encountered in the last 12 years of Bengal ownership will also sell breed quality, though you can expect the price to rise very steeply if that’s what you’re after.
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When it comes to pricing Bengal kittens the coat can play a key role. This is because some of the coat markings are a lot more rare than others and some coats are in much more demand than others, this will then raise the price of the Bengal kitten. For instance a Snow Bengal kitten tends to be the rarest of the coats and tends to be the most desired by many. This makes this type of kitten a lot more expensive than others. The next would be spotted Bengal kittens that tend to be more expensive than those kittens that have marbled coats even though marbled coats are more rare than spotted coats, kittens with spotted coats are more popular so they tend to be more expensive.
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These cats are usually very outgoing and confident. Unlike the majority of other cat breeds, these breeds will love to hang out around the water. If they are trained right, these cats will learn to fetch too. Depending on the cat’s generation, the majority of cats can weight up to 15 pounds. There are a ton of Bengals that are champion-based. If you need to make certain your Bengal cat is recognize, be certain to get papers from the different breeding programs like the TICA. Be certain to ask the breeder a ton of questions because many have discovered that there are a number of breeders that have kittens that look like Bengal cats, but they really aren’t Bengal cats.
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No. Sometimes people will exclaim to new Bengal owners, “You are buying a wild cat!” This just isn’t the case! Bengal lines are carefully selected to insure the most loving, loyal, energetic and enthusiastic kitty to ever prowl the living room rug. When visitors come over there is no “Oh, the cat is somewhere in the back”. A Bengal is the first to greet you at the door, instantly sociable. While they are loyal to their owners, they are very hospitable to their visitors.
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I love the bengal, we owned a male who passed away with a heart disease. Do make sure there are no diseases in your breeders line. Sherpa was a lot of fun, yes, he got into trouble, he was courious, not afraid of very many things, very acrobatic, he would do flips off our couch to catch a straw! He would play fetch, open doors and windows, yes we needed to put special locks on them. Our golden Retriever and he were the best of buddy’s, he would dart out and jump on her or at her, he would fly done the hall when ever. My advise if you love action then get a bengal, if your looking for a quiet relaxed cat you don’t want a bengal. We enjoyed him and would never have a different breed. They are soo worth the time and money and Sherpa is sadly missed.
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The Bengal cat is a hybrid named after its beautiful wild ancestor, the Felis Bengalensis or “Asian Leopard Cat.” They have been called Living Room Leopards for the exotic beauty and movement they bring to a home environment. The Bengal’s long legs, striking patterns and elegant stride remind us of a much larger wild cat, but they are a fully domesticated breed with the most amiable of personalities. They are smart, social, energetic and playful.
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I just got my bengal/siamese 2 weeks ago, it seems they act a lot like a siamese as I have one now and have owned for years. I just love my Bengal mix. I also love the fact that a siamese was the father, as siamese seem to be the best in immunity according to the research I have done. So, i feel I have the best of both. Althought this blue siamese does not at all act like a normal siamese, as she still meows like a tiny kitten at 4 years old. My Bengal and her just adore each other.
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The Bengal cat personality also involves incredible acrobatics and nefarious predation. If you don’t want your cat to decimate the local small wildlife population, then I’d advise you to buy another less predatory breed. Conversely, one aspect of their personality that I’ve always found rather endearing is their interaction with humans. They’re incredibly affectionate and always appear to bond well with their owners. Any Bengal is talkative at best and most develop a way of communicating their needs to their owners via a range of cat calls and meowing. They also like to follow their owners around, greet them at the door and will even go for a walk with you if allowed. I remain of the opinion that Bengals are more like dogs than their fellow feline cousins. Before You Buy
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A: The average Bengal is not fully grown until it is between one-and-a-half and two years old. At maturity, an average Bengal female will weigh between 8 and 10 pounds, while an average male will weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Some adult male Bengals may weigh in at 20 to 22 pounds, but this is unusual. Note that these average weights are for healthy, not fat, cats. A healthy Bengal’s weight comes from its bone structure and muscle, not from excessive flab.

How Much Does A Bengal Cat Cost

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