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How To Get Fleas Off Cats

I had a cat used the apple cider vinegar on. Got sick. Took to vet and they said it had no fleas on it at that time. Later when talked to them it was covered. It seemed the only thing the ACV did was get them drunk, they sobered up and back. I got 20 to 30 cats so I got fleas. They was in the house biting me. I sprayed different poisons, some was old and 2 was new like 5 times, Black Flag and stuff, still the fleas. Used DE as put all around and in a few days fleas gone from me. Cats still got fleas, using the DE on and Lemon’s boiled, steeped spray. They are still having fleas. Try’d all natural collars and still fleas. Try’d a few poisons as the cheaper spot on stuff, seemed to make the cats too supersensitive to fleas and they chewed themselves up. Have not try’d Bio-spot yet but will. Problem is you see all these comments on everything and as someone would say this was bad makes you wonder if they are not doing that for the expensive companies on purpose so people run to this outrageous priced stuff. Still heard stuff on that too, true I would not know. I’ve had problems as burning the neck with collars even the natural ones and the Hartz spray and Sergents cheaper brand spot on is where I saw the cats chew themselves to pieces. Just have to do the best I can, 20 to 30 can barely afford the food these day for them. But ACV doesn’t work and I did not see the Nematodes bio-organisms for the ground work. Do DE and Lemon spray and experiment from there. The Soapy/water alunaman pie pan does work, I’ve seen that but you got to watch the cats they try to drink that too.
how to get fleas off cats 1

I’m not laughing at your situation , but when I read what you said about your dog smelling like a pickle I about fell on the floor laughing so hard , I’m still having a hard time typing this without LMAO . AGAIN PLEASE EXCUSE MY IGNORANCE because I can sympathize with your situation . I am truely an animal lover , cats , dogs , birds . We are very clean people , but at one time , we had fleas so bad I had to call an exterminator to get rid of them . He used something that had IGR its a growth inhibitor for fleas , it worked extremely well . All of this is supposed to be safe for both , humans and animals . He even said they have a spray ? or something to use on the pet(s) to continue keeping your pet(s) free from fleas . I didn’t buy or try it yet but , I think I’m going to have to – the kids ( my 2 cats ) are being eaten alive and I’ve tried frontline , hartz and the other big name treatment with no luck . The treatment he used inside killed the fleas we already had plus new ones the cats would bring in from outside . It’s been over a year and , knock on wood , no fleas inside – but my kids need something . I use about a tablespoon of Adams flea shampoo and about an inch of water in the canister of my upright when I vacuum for preventive maintenance . I have found that this kills any fleas once they go into the shampoo mixture after being sucked up into the canister . Alot of people vacuum then empty the canister into the trash , well , guess what ? If you do this you are enabling the cycle of life for the fleas that you just vacuumed up – they will find a way to get out of the trash can . The only downside to doing the vacuuming with the shampoo/water mixture is , your canister will have the smell of the mixture in it after you are done – even after you clean it . When I finnish vacuuming , I empty the canister outside in the yard – it’s just hair , dirt , dead fleas ( if you have any ) and water then I wash it out . Just be carefull not to lower the handle of your vacuum to low – remember you have a little water in your canister now . People are probably going to think I’m crazy when I start laughing if someone asks me if I want pickles on anything , hang in there cuddles – love and hugs my furry little friend .
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Search Add New Question Does lemon juice work on fleas? EmilyMadeliene Mix the lemon juice with dish soap. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 4 Helpful 13 How can I treat tea tree oil toxicity in my cat? wikiHow Contributor Take the cat to the vet right away. Tea tree oil can make cats very sick if ingested! Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3 My cat has fleas but she is pregnant – can I still give her flea medication? wikiHow Contributor It depends on the medicine and brand. Read the warnings that come with the medication carefully. If you are still not sure, call your veterinarian. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2 What is my cat’s problem if she pulls out chunks of fur from time to time? wikiHow Contributor Sometimes, cats and other animals get separation anxiety. It’s like when a baby cries because mom left the room for a couple seconds. So, when a cat has separation anxiety, out of nervousness, they will sometimes pull out chunks of their fur. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 3 Helpful 5 My cat has a flea collar, but there are still fleas on her that are not biting. Why? Jessica Whitmire It sounds like the flea collar is not fighting off the fleas. This is not unusual because most over the counter flea preventatives (such as collars and topical medicines) are not good at killing fleas/ticks. The most effective flea preventatives can be purchased through your veterinarian. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3 Will anti-lice shampoo work on fleas on cats? KuroetheUnicorn If it is not specially designed for cats, don’t use it. Some products can be toxic to cats. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2 My kitten has some kind of black stuff accumulated on her head, which doesn’t move! The hair in that surrounding area is attached to that black stuff. What is it? EmilyMadeliene It sounds like feline acne. You can try cleaning her gently, and make sure her food/water bowl is kept clean (and ideally is not plastic, which is the worst for bacteria growth). You can also try switching to a more natural/nutritious cat food. However, this could also be mites. If it’s mites, you can get hazel wipes or mite wipes at a pet store. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1
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A bath or spray of apple cider vinegar has an overwhelmingly foul smell that scares away fleas and is one of the best flea treatments for cats. To relieve your cat from fleas, mix apple cider vinegar with water in the ratio of 2:1, shake well and add to a spray bottle. Applying the spray on cats or kittens will force the fleas to jump off the pets. You may also drench your pet’s coat with the solution every day for 3 days and see your pet relieved of flea infestation. Apart from apple cider vinegar, you may also use cider chips to keep the fleas away from your cat. Just add some chips on your cat’s bedding and around outside spaces and you will repel the fleas.
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My daughter brought a kitten home that the lady neglected to tell her was infested with fleas. I came home within the hour and could see them crawling on the kittens nose! It was horrible. Straight to the vet because I was worried about using a treatment as he was only 9 weeks. The vet said due to the severity, use Frontline. We treated him and our 2 other cats(as a precaution) and the fleas were gone within 36 hours and we haven’t had a problem since. On a side note, one of our other cats was bitten by one of the fleas. He developed Hemobartonella. It is carried by fleas from one infected cat to another. He passed away 3 weeks later from the disease. So, be wary when your cat has fleas. If they become withdrawn/not eating/drinking, get them to the vet ASAP. We did, and spent about $600 trying to save him with steroids and antibiotics and he passed away anyway.
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Use pesticides if you have found large numbers of fleas or ticks in your yard. To determine if you have fleas in your yard, you can walk around your yard in white socks that are pulled up to your knee. If there are fleas, you will be able to see them on your socks. You can call an experienced professional exterminator or talk to your vet about less expensive environmental pesticides you can buy. For fleas, you’ll need to spray areas of the yard where your pet usually rests (such as a kennel or dog house), under decks, and next to the foundation. For ticks, spray moist and shady areas of the yard. If you do a good job of treating your pets and protecting your yard from fleas and ticks, you may not need to treat your yard with pesticides. Never use Pyrethroid-, Permethrin-, or Amitraz-containing products on cats or in your yard. These products can cause severe side effects in cats, including death.

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