Maine Coon Cat Rescue

The Maine Coon is said to be the greatest strain of feline and often any large cat with long frizzy hair is considered a Maine Coon. A genuine Maine Coon has an extremely large bone composition using firm legs, huge the ears and stands taller than many small dogs. Even so, only a few Maine Coons consider 20 or 30 lbs .. There are a number of pureblood Maine Coons who ponder a lot less, nonetheless they all share the large bone structure of their breed.

Maine Coons are extremely nice cats, but since with all purebreds of any kind, personalities vary by individual. While they are generally known as easy-going, we have had reasonably unpleasant Maine Coons in this rescue, shy Maine Coons, hyper Maine Coons and others that were absolutely not ideal for children. In general, the large size of this breed seems to keep them off counters and bookshelves plus they are00 less dynamic as they age. This kind of is a breed with a dual-layer medium- to long-length coat, calm personality and good looks, but each cat must be fitted to the right family.

Grooming and Treatment Requires
Maine Coons have a dual-layer coat with an outer guard coating and a fine dainty undercoat. They heavily garden shed their undercoat in the spring and fewer seriously the rest of the year; regular brushing/combing is necessary. They typically do not have the long, thick coats of many Persians; consequently, do not matt as easily but, as with any long-coated cat, will require regular care.

Health Issues
This kind of breed is known to carry the gene for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which triggers a thickening of the heart walls. Responsible dog breeders will screen for the genetic defect. We have seen a few with dental issues but many Maine Coons that can come into rescue are otherwise healthy.

Best Homes
As stated above, each personality should be built in to the right type of family. This is not a “one type fits all” breed. In general, this is a calmer breed that is commonly on the shyer aspect as the cats grow older and has a mild, dog-like disposition.


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Maine Coon Cat Rescue

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