Undigested lactose moves to the large intestine, where it ferments-and can cause a cat to have gas or diarrhea. Also, if you decide to switch your cat’s food, Cat diarrhea is a very common presenting complaint among cats brought into my office for examination. In general, it is one of the most frequent reasons cats are taken to see the veterinarian. Sudden diarrhea in cats has several causes, including over secretion & motility disorders. Find out why your cat has diarrhea and how to treat it on petMD. How to Stop Your Cat’s Diarrhea. All cats have digestive troubles from time to time, and diarrhea is not uncommon. Usually, diarrhea lasts a day or so and clears up on its own. A cat with diarrhea can be at risk for more serious health problems like dehydration. Lean what causes cat diarrhea and home remedies for cats with diarrhea. BM Tone-Up Gold is a natural, herbal supplement formulated for cat diarrhea with a pleasant taste that your pet will happily enjoy. Treats digestive symptoms. .

Ask a vet online for free. Chat live with veterinarians and other pet experts. Find answers to health, behavior and nutrition questions about dogs and cats. FortiFlora® Feline Probiotic Supplement helps with the dietary management of cat diarrhea and is proven to promote cat intestinal health and balance Find cat diarrhea treatment. Find out what you and your vet can do to stop this unpleasant illness. What Causes Cat Vomiting and Diarrhea? Friends of ours recommended your company as a trusted source to help our cats. My cat has been vomiting in the mornings .

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