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Science Diet Cat Food Walmart

So I read everyone’s comments, and I’m sorry to hear about everyone’s cats being sick or dying.. I have been feeding my cat for 2.5 years now special kitty. I mean I’m a student and can’t afford high end foods. He seems to be fine! He is a Maine coon and the only thing I noticed is he gets lazy and he is a little chubby but I am not sure if it’s him or the food.. Also I want to inform those of you who switch foods because you’re tight on cash. Switching an animals diet can upset their stomach and make them sick, you are suppose to gradually switch over their diet by adding a little of the new food at a time until the old diet is gone. Do not keep switching up their diet it isn’t good for them.
science diet cat food walmart 1

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I buy Special Kitty wet food can with fish – the larger size – at Walmart. It’s just great, smells quite like fish, has fish the two first ingredients, and my cat goes crazy about it. I also fed him with Wiskas dinner paté thing, also good but the SK is just better and wetter. He gets no diarrhea mixing the SK wet food with dry food, which is great. As for the SK dry food, it’s perhaps same as eating at a McDonald’s. I give him good quality dry food instead, a local brand at about $20/3pounds
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Esther I feel really bad for your loss but thank you very much for giving us a warning. I will never feed my cat snow special kitty ever again! I’ll continue feeding her chicken soup for the cat lovers soul. If you get another cat, buy them that food! It may not be the cheapest but you’ll like the results! I’ve heard meow mix is also bad for cats, maybe that’s why your baby Birl passed away by eating too much junk food. I hope Birl will forever be in your heart.
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Hi Dorothy, changing or rotating food brands is something I strongly recommend to keep a diet balanced. Changing the diet isn’t what makes the cat sick, it’s because they’ve been fed a single food for a long period – if that makes sense.
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I am like everyone else and as I become educated, I am horrified at the horror stories about what “might” go into meat by-products–I don’t mind feeding guts, bones etc. as this is part of what they would eat in the wild, but I sure don’t want to feed melted tick collars and euthanasia drugs. However, I question this big thing we are on now about how corn and wheat are terrible for our pets. It seems to parallel the gluten free craze for people. Yes, there are animals that have allergies to these items, but I don’t see the problem with the others. My dogs can’t wait to eat the corn out of the bird feed my husband puts out. Cats and dogs are quick to graze on new grass. (And no, it is not to make them throw up!) People are down on Walmart for the contents of Special Kitty, but I am pretty sure no feed company that uses meat by-products has much control over how those by products are produced so they all are painted with the same brush. Anyway, I have fed Purina dry food and Special Kitty wet food for years–my cats have beautiful coats and are active. My two cat girls are ages 14 and 17. My oldest dog who is fed a similar type of food for dogs is 15. So while I have a problem with the idea of meat by-products, my animal seem to be thriving on these foods.
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I buy Special Kitty wet food can with fish – the larger size – at Walmart. It’s just great, smells quite like fish, has fish the two first ingredients, and my cat goes crazy about it. I also fed him with Wiskas dinner paté thing, also good but the SK is just better and wetter. He gets no diarrhea mixing the SK wet food with dry food, which is great.
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We were feeding out cat Special Kitty, then we got a new cat and he wouldn’t eat it, so we switched to Friskies all was good until about 6 months ago and both cats started throwing it up. So we switched back to Special Kitty which the new cat would eat this time. A couple days ago my Grandson went to the store and bought Friskies again. The next morning after eating it both cats were throwing up again. Guess I’ll be making a trip back to the store for Special Kitty.
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My kitten was only 7 months old. His name was Birl and he was so playful and an awesome cat. We were feeding him meow mix which he liked and was doing good on. Unfortunately we ran out of it and didn’t have much money, so I bought some cheap Special Kitty kitten food for him. He died on March 12 2015. I loved him so much and I had no idea something like cat food which is SUPPOSED to be good for keeping them alive, could kill my precious baby boy. I still feel guilty because doing something I thought would be good for him ended up killing him. Please people, don’t feed this stuff to your animals. I would never wish the feelings I have now on anyone. I can still hear him, and sometimes I just sit and look at pics of him and bawl my eyes out.
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I fed my 7 yr old cat Special Kitty dry and wet his whole life. He died at 7 yrs from a huge mass in his lungs. I certainly don’t know if his diet was a factor. I’ve had a new kitten for 5 weeks now. He has been eating Special Kitty. He farts a lot and has stinky, loose stools. He tested neg for parasites. So I bought a different kitten food today to try. Nothing spectacular, just Purina Kitten Chow. I don’t know what to think. I buy house brand products for myself all the time.
science diet cat food walmart 10

My little kitten (roughly 12 weeks, I rescued her at 4 weeks and hand fed her every 2 hours for weeks, it was like having a newborn baby at home!) anyway, money has been tight so I started using this brand. This is the second bag the kitties (I have two close in age) have eaten. Boy kitty, who is older, is ok but poops a ton but my baby girl had had diarrhea for the last two days and wants nothing to do with the food. I’m back to hand feeding her. Tonight she seems to be feeling slightly better, purring for the first time in two days. I got online to review this food and after seeing all of the horrible reviews it’s gotten, I will be tossing this bag of food and getting s higher quality. I’ll “cut corners” somewhere else, no longer on their food. I can’t believe something so terrible would be allowed to be sold as food for any living thing!
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