Dry food, also known as kibble, generally contains about 10% moisture while wet food, also referred to simply as canned food, contains up to 85% moisture. If you shop around, however, you will find that there is another category of cat food out there – moist or semi-moist cat food, also sometimes called pouch cat food. At one time your local grocer offered a third type of cat food, known as Semi Moist Cat Food. Sold in convenient pouches, Semi Moist Cat Food looked like kibble, but contained more water. It was more affordable than canned, and cats seemed to like it more than dry food. Cats, literally, ate it up. Tender Vittles was the first national semi-moist cat food brand in the US. And as far as we now the first brand to sell cat food in pouches. It became very popular with cat owners who loved the convenience of the pouches with their lack of mess and very little smell. Online shopping from a great selection at Pet Supplies Store. Semi-moist cat food contains about 60 – 65% water by weight, making it more expensive per energy calorie than dry food. Unfortunately, semi-moist cat food generally contains more sugar and salt than either dry or canned cat food. The extra sugar and salt mean semi-moist food won’t be appropriate for every cat. We’ve reviewed 5 of the best Semi Moist Cat Foods – they’re an interesting balance between wet and dry and worth considering. .

A few years back, a third category of cat food other than the nowadays popular wet and dry varieties greatly rose in popularity, a category called semi moist cat food (a.k.a soft dry cat food). Is there a ‘dry’ cat food with a soft or moist Looking for a soft or moist “dry” cat food. I think the term you are looking for is “semi-moist” and most cat food at Chewy.com. FREE shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST 24/7 customer service! .

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