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We all want to give our pets the best, and with these Purina coupons you can do it for less. As one of the most trusted pet brands they offer a number of different products for both dogs and cats that include names you know and trust such as Friskies,Continue Reading

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I am a particular mother when it comes to how I feed our Fur Babies. I don't slather Pizza dough with a whole can of lard. Top that with piles of greasy, artery clogging, fat meat and loads of heart stopping cheese and pop it in the oven for ourContinue Reading

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George J. DeVos Feb 14, 2016 My indoor cat family of five had just started a new bag of indoor Purina. The afternoon of the second day I found one of them dead. He was already rigid so must have died soon after his breakfast meal. I suspected he mightContinue Reading