Why Do Cats Headbutt

Ah, the cat headbutt, a most curious form of cat affection and trust. So, why do some cats headbutt? Is cat headbutting the same as head pressing? Why Do Cats Rub Their Faces on You? You’re minding your business when your cat comes up and rubs his face on yours. What does cat face rubbing mean? Sometimes cat behavior is specific to your particularly cat, but one common question we’re asked is “Why is my cat head butting me?” Here’s why she does it. There are many reason why cats bite: Cats will bite when they’re afraid, angry, annoyed, or stressed. They might bite when they’re feeling playful or overstimulated. There are two glands, one at each temple, that cats use to rub their scent on items they are claiming. This is why they headbutt and rub objects. Forgotten cats – a cat and kitten adoption and re-release program. We trap, spay neuter, and release stray cats, feral cats, and homeless cats. We are a humane, no-kill organization. .

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