Why Do Cats Like Boxes? It’s one of those age-old questions. Share your living space with a cat for even a short length of time and you’ll quickly begin to doubt So what are we to make of the strange gravitational pull that empty Amazon packaging exerts on Felis sylvestris catus? Like many other really weird things cats do Large boxes, shoe boxes, and even just items that look like boxes – cats, it seems, can’t resist squeezing into cardboard spaces. Scientists say they haven’t fully Have you cleaned with bleach? And your kitty inexplicably goes a little crazy, sniffing, rubbing and rolling all over anything that smells like bleach, from hands, to But snuggling isn’t just nostalgic; it also triggers morphine-like chemicals in the brain called endorphins. Many animals can get the same effects from a gentle squeeze. You’re not the only cat parent who’s lost multiple pens to the abyss underneath the couch. So, why do cats knock things over? Let’s take a closer look. .

There are several reasons why cats do this. :] First, they are trying to get the grit of the litter out from between their paws, after they have. Why Do Cats Hate Dogs? We’ve Got Some Answers (and Advice!) Cats and dogs are both beloved pets. So, why do cats hate dogs? Let’s take a look and see some advice to The most common behavior problem reported by pet parents of cats is inappropriate elimination. It’s estimated that 10% of all cats will eliminate outside their What does a veterinarian have to say about why some cats run from the litter box? You’ll be surprised by the answer. .

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