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We love our furry little felines almost as much as our own family, but no one wants their couch and carpets clawed to shreds. Luckily, a few design-minded cat ladies (and gents) have reconceived the lowly cat scratcher into beautifully conceived home items that could almost double as sculptural artContinue Reading

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Masaaki Toyoura/The Image Bank/Getty Images Letting go of your feline companion is never easy. Often just the thought of it brings panic. Unfortunately, though, your cat will probably die before you do and you may even have to make the decision to help him or her to die. Death isContinue Reading

Tips On Training A Puppy

Tips On Training A Puppy A new puppy is a joy to welcome into your home. These cute little rascals are not only friendly, they are funny, very curious and mischievous too, no different from kids. However in order for them to integrate into your family life they have toContinue Reading

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Temporary Care Program Cat Care Society is unique in that we offer a temporary care program for people who are unable to care for their cats, due to a home foreclosure, temporary homelessness, or an extended hospital stay. We can provide shelter for up to 30 days for the cat(s)Continue Reading

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All Feline Hospital2300 S. 48th St. Ste. 3Lincoln, NE 68506467-2711www.allfelinehospital.com Traveling with your cat So, you want to take your cat on a trip with you, or you are moving. If it is a one way trip, you don’t really have a lot of options; your cat needs to comeContinue Reading

The Fearless Snake Killer

The Fearless Snake Killer SMALL and furry, the mongoose hardly looks like a snake killer. Yet, says author R. O. Pearse, ?perhaps the snake?s most vicious enemy . . . is the mongoose.? Continues Pearse: ?This little chap must surely pack as large a chunk of sheer, naked courage inContinue Reading

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Start page TRIXIE Turning Cat World!Meet our new stable and sturdy Cat Tower ‘Lilo’. The three caves, which are lines with plush, can be twisted and individually alligned as liked. Want your dog to get busy?Dogs want to be active. The complete line of TRIXIE Activity Games offer new dayliContinue Reading

Pets are geat! They’re your best friend! Play with virtual pets on GGG! They’re super cute, you won’t regret! Play Pet Games! Pet Games. Play Online Dog Games, Cat Games, Animal Games and Pet Games. There are many animal games to play online. If you don’t have any pets ofContinue Reading

Information About Ants In The Summer

Information About Ants In The Summer Summer is here! After sense isolated during the long frost months, summer is a flavor that brings us a renewed connection with one another and Nature. Summer is a time for picnics! Picnics come in all shapes and sizes, from small gatherings around aContinue Reading